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A Night Out at B. Christopher’s Steakhouse

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)

Sometimes an evening calls for steak, and one such evening recently was our wedding anniversary. So, the hubs and I took ourselves to our old stomping ground, downtown Greensboro, for a night of steak and wine at B. Christopher’s Steakhouse.

Can you believe I had never been?


B. Christopher’s seemed like a great spot to celebrate 17 years of marital bliss, business and just an overall exciting time in our life together. (As mentioned earlier, I’d never been, and I love trying new places, even ones that aren’t so new.)

B. Christopher’s moved to Greensboro in 2014 after having established itself quite successfully in Burlington for 15 years. Owner Chris Russell said at the time that he couldn’t miss out on such a great opportunity. It looks like the decision has paid off and many a local in Burlington now find themselves driving to Gate City to get a taste of what used to be.


On the outside, the restaurant has a large metropolitan feel because it resides within the iconic Center Pointe Building on Elm Street. It is not as big inside as I expected, which was a welcomed surprise.  It still feels a bit modern, but that’s mixed nicely with cozy booths and tables with views of Center City Park and adjacent streets.


We were greeted with a small platter of olives and cornichons for fun salty and sweet appetizer. My handsome dining companion and I didn’t go crazy.

We just wanted what B. Christopher’s is known for.  After 18 years, Russell still prides himself on his relationship with local farmers and North Carolina seafood. But the steak is what makes this restaurant stand out in the Triad.  After all, the restaurant calls itself the “Great American Steakhouse.” We decided to order the Porterhouse for Two.

Before the steak arrived, Russell was kind enough to send out a tasting of his seasonal special, the soft shell crab appetizer. It was perfectly crispy with a creamy and spicy remoulade.  We also enjoyed a light tomato salad.

When the steak arrived it all its glory, we were pleased to see that it was carved and prepped for us, but still rested alongside the bone. It was wonderfully seared with a great crust and perfectly medium rare, as ordered. No self-respecting chef would not send out that bone, right? There may or may not be a photo on the internet with me digging into it. Each steak in the for two categories comes with two sides, so we selected caramelized brussels sprouts with bacon and upon Russell’s suggestion, the corn creme brûlée. Brussels are my favorite, and they did not disappoint.

But the corn creme brûlée was the real winner of the two.

Think of the creamiest cream corn you’ve ever had with a custardy texture and a caramelized brûlée crust on top. Cracking through the brûlée to dive into that creamy corn was a delight. It was a truly decadent dish.

For dessert, the chef sent out three sweet, little beignet babies dusted with powdered sugar and dressed with a raspberry glaze, and a celebratory candle, no less.

Russell is a widely respected chef and prides himself on using top quality and local ingredients. He has mentored many up and comers in the industry, including the Triad’s beloved Chef Kris Fuller of Crafted the Art of the Taco and Crafted the Art of Street Food. Maybe Russell will tell you about the day she blazed into his restaurant and showed how determined she was to run a kitchen.

B. Christopher’s is definitely a go-to place for that special occasion or a larger group as the restaurant has space for private dining. But it is also casual enough for a quick bite after dinner to enjoy appetizers and small plates, particularly at the welcoming bar.

But do yourself a favor one day soon and get a steak.

Kristi Maier is a food writer, blogger and cheerleader for all things local who even enjoys cooking in her kitchen, though her kidlets seldom appreciate her efforts.


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