April 27, 2011 09:38

Best of the Triad 2011



It`s time, once again, to plumb the collective wisdom of our readers to bring the annual Best of the Triad issue — because who knows better than you, the most informed, in-the-know and attractive audience in the state, what’s best about the place we live?


It’s one of my favorite issues of the year for many reasons. For one, it gives us a good snapshot of what our readers are doing, what they like, what turns them on, and in the compiling of the votes we learn more about our market and wonderful things that are happening here every year. It’s interesting to see how tastes change over the years, particularly in restaurants and nightlife, and the effect of competition in the market — witness Cooper’s Ale House, a longtime reader favorite who faced some serious challenges this year, or how the pretzel-dog folks at Skippy’s in Winston-Salem are creeping up on Yum-Yum’s, the hot-dog juggernaut in Greensboro.

And in counting the votes, I am always struck by how funny you guys are. Best sub: Red October. Best chiropractor: Alec Baldwin. Best use of public funds: zombie defense training. Our readers never disappoint.

I also need to emphasize that getting votes is part of the enterprise, so if you’re seeing too much of one name on the list (talking to you, Between the Buried and Me), it’s because these entities were able to get out the vote. If you want to make this list next year, do what this year’s winners did: Campaign using Facebook, Twitter, blogs and whatever else you need to do to get the word out.

But until then, get a look at this list, which encompasses everything awesome the Triad has to offer. Congratulations to all our winners.

Nightlife and entertainment

Best female bartender
Jessie Dewey at Jake’s Billiards, Greensboro
Runner-up: Jade Moore, Big Shotz Tavern, Clemmons
One of the largest fields in the entire readers’ poll, it takes extra effort to win this one, and Jessie pulled in the votes.

Best male bartender
Rowe Piper, Brixx Pizza, Greensboro
Runner-up: Danny Forman, the Blind Tiger, Greensboro
Another huge list of contenders, but these two were in a separate league.

Best new club/bar
The Blind Tiger, Greensboro
Runner-up: Johnny & June’s Ultra Saloon, Winston-Salem
Maybe not new, exactly, but our readers love the refurbished Blind Tiger in its digs on Spring Garden Street.

Best dive bar
College Hill Sundries:, Greensboro
Runner-up: Silver Moon Saloon, Winston-Salem
Two most excellent dive bars face off in this battle of the Triad cities. The Hill has the edge, but it’s also a lot bigger.

Best dance club
Inferno, Greensboro
Runner-up: Greene Street Club, Greensboro
No one could touch the disco Inferno this year, taking the votes by a 2-to-1 margin.

Best club for hooking up
Bucked Up Saloon, Winston-Salem
Runner-up: Greene Street Club, Greensboro
Looks like they’re doing some hooking up in the Camel City.

Best bar at the end the night
Burke Street Pub, Winston-Salem
Runner-up: College Hill Sundries, Greensboro
Honorable mention goes to Greensboro’s New York Pizza… so close.

Best sports bar
Kickback Jack’s, Greensboro
Runner-up: Cooper’s Ale House, Greensboro
Cooper’s gets knocked off its longtime perch by a furious upstart that’s making some noise on Battleground Avenue, but it’s not over between these two….

Best college bar
College Hill Sundries, Greensboro
Runner-up: Greene Street Club, Greensboro
Best of Winston-Salem was the Burke Street Pub.

Best neighborhood bar
College Hill Sundries, Greensboro
A clear winner — YES! Weekly readers love College Hill. Honorable mentions go to Finnigan’s Wake in Winston-Salem and Jake’s Billiards and Fishbones in Greensboro.

Best place to shoot pool
Jake’s Billiards, Greensboro
Runner-up: Recreation Billiards, Winston-Salem

Best beer selection
Cooper’s Ale House, Greensboro
Runner-up: The Mellow Mushroom, Winston-Salem/Greensboro
Another threat to the estimable ale house, which has held this title for four years running, comes from these hippie pizza joints, which may have benefited from having multiple locations.

Best movie theater
The Grande, Greensboro
a/perture, Winston-Salem
One big and brassy, the other small and artsy. Nice work, readers.

Best live theater venue
Carolina Theatre, Greensboro
Runner-up: Triad Stage, Greensboro
In one of the closest categories this year, the Carolina Theatre bests Triad Stage.

Best wine bar
6th & Vine, Winston-Salem
Runner-up: Café Europa, Greensboro
6th & Vine came on strong this year, and took this category by a mile.

Best lounge
6th & Vine, Winston-Salem
Runner-up: MOD, Winston-Salem
Greensboro may have the edge on nightclubs, but when it comes to lounge life, Winston-Salem gets the votes.

Best new bar
Kickback Jack’s, Greensboro
Runner-up: Tate’s Bar, Winston-Salem
A well-equipped sports bar and a true cocktail lounge make for a nice pairing in this one.

Best Karaoke night
Cooper’s Ale House, Greensboro
Runner-up: College Hill Sundries, Greensboro
A really close race, considering “Karaoke sucks!!” got 29 votes.

Best Burlesque
Runner-up: Pretty Little Things Peepshow
If you ask us, they’re all pretty good

Local recreation

Best author
Orson Scott Card
Runner-up: Brian Clarey
It’s an honor just to be nominated!

Best local visual artist
Kat Lamp
Runner-up: Houston Patton
For the first time ever, a tattoo artist placed in this category — Patton works at Kingpin Studio in Greensboro.

Best museum
Greensboro Natural Science Center
Runner-up: Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro

Best art gallery
Lyndon Street Artworks, Greensboro
Runner-up: Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro
The gallery on Lyndon Street exhibits works from all the house artists.

Best free wi-fi
The Green Bean, Greensboro
Runner-up: Panera, Triad-wide
Best answer: “Can someone tell me the difference between free wi-fi at McDonald’s and free wi-fi at Burger King?”

Best place for family fun
Wet N Wild Emerald Point, Greensboro
Runner-up: Any public park
Greensboro Children’s Museum came in a close third.

Best place to jog
Battleground Park, Greensboro
Runner-up: Salem Lake, Winston-Salem
Guess the Greensboro Bicentennial Greenway hasn’t caught on with joggers yet — it placed fourth.

Best place to bike
Salem Lake, Winston-Salem
Runner-up: The Greenway, Greensboro
There it is.

Best gym
YMCA, Triad-wide
Runner-up: The Rush Fitness, Triad-wide

Best golf course
Grandover Resort, Greensboro
Runner-up: Tanglewood Park, Clemmons

Best tennis courts
Grandover Resort, Greensboro
Runner-up: Miller Park, Winston-Salem

Best place to get married
Castle McCulloch, Jamestown
Runner-up: Tanglewood Park, Clemmons
Lots of readers think Las Vegas is a good place to tie the knot.

Best reason to live in the Triad
Family and friends
Runner-up: Halfway between the mountains and the beach
People like the weather, too.

Worst stoplights
Battleground, Cornwalls and Lawndale avenues. Greensboro
Runner-up: Stratford Road and Hanes Mall Boulevard, Winston-Salem
Most readers seem to dislike all of them.

Best place to see wildlife
The North Carolina Zoo, Asheboro
Runner-up: Hanging Rock State Park
“Greene Street after 1 a.m.” placed in the Top 10.

Best city park
The Arboretum, Greensboro
Runner-up: Tanglewood Park, Clemmons

Best public pool
Tanglewood Park, Clemmons
Runner-up: Bur-Mil Park, Greensboro

Best local photographer
Nita Clements
Runner-up: Bonnie Stanley, Intimate Lens Photography


Best radio station
100.3 the Buzz
Runner-up: 104.1 WTQR

Best morning show
“Two Guys Named Chris,” 92.3 Rock 92
Runner-up: “Murphy in the Morning,” 107.5 WKZL

Best radio DJ
Chris Kelly, “Two Guys Named Chris,” 92.3 Rock 92
Runner-up: Clay JD Walker, 93.1 the Wolf
In case you’re wondering, Chris Demm, you came in fourth.

Best blog
The YES! Weekly Blog,
Runner-up: Jessamyn Not Jasmine, jessamynnotjasmine.wordpress.com
A wide field yields a runner-up surprise.

Best local journalist
Ryan Snyder, YES! Weekly
Runner-up: Jeri Rowe, the Greensboro News & Record
Rowe edged out YES! Weekly’s Jordan Green by fewer than 10 votes.

Best local publication
YES! Weekly
Runner-up: The Rhinoceros Times
Well, we hope so!

Best TV news
Fox 8 News
Runner-up: WXII News 12

Best male TV personality
Cameron Kent, WXII News 12
Runner-up: Neil McNeil, Fox 8 News
Fictional anchorman Ron Burgundy got more than 100 votes. Stay classy, Triad!

Best female TV personality
Julie Luck, Fox 8 news
Runner-up: Wanda Stark, WXII News 12

Best weather person
Lanie Pope, WXII News 12
Runner-up: Van Denton, Fox 8 News
Our readers love Fox 8 News and WXII News 12

Best reason to pick up YES! Weekly
Events calendars
Runner-up: Music coverage
Our favorite: “Tiger blood.”

Best Facebooker
Valeria Sweet
Runner-up: Biggie, “Two Guys Named Chris,” Rock 92
Nice voter turnout for the UNCG student and local artist.


Best Greensboro live music venue
The Blind Tiger, Greensboro
Runner-up: Greene Street Club, Greensboro

Best Winston-Salem live music venue
The Garage, Winston-Salem
Runner-up: Johnny & June’s Ultra Saloon
Lots of readers seem anxious for the new Ziggy’s to open — it got hundreds of votes without hosting a single show.

Best jukebox
The Waffle House, Triad-wide
Runner-up: College Hill Sundries, Greensboro
The Waffle House? Really?

Best cover band
Big Daddy Mojo
Runner-up: Walrus

Best hip-hop act
The Iconoclast Crew: Ed E. Ruger, Ty Bru, JJ The Jenius, DJ Phillie Phresh and Stitchy C
Runner-up: the Urban Sophisticates

Best performance DJ
Runner-up: DJ Flipside

Best original band
Between the Buried and Me
Runner-up: House of Fools

Best new band
Amelia’s Mechanics
Runner-up: Matty Sheets & the Blockheads
Note to readers: When your band started in 2000, you are not a “new” band.

Best guitarist
Dustie Waring, Between the Buried and Me
Runner-up: Lance Lucas, Big Daddy Mojo

Best percussionist
Blake Richardson, Between the Buried and Me
Runner-up: Greg McManus, the Kitchen Sink Fiasco

Best vocalist
Brett Munn, Big Daddy Mojo
Runner-up: Christy Johnson, Dreamkiller

Best bassist
Dan Briggs, Between the Buried and Me
Runner-up: Aaron Yow, Hephystus

Best keyboardist
Tommy Rogers, Between the Buried and Me
Runner-up: Andrew Pollard, Hephystus


Best Winston-Salem City Council member
Dan Besse, Southwest Ward
Runner-up: Derwin Montgomery, East Ward
Other vote getters in the Top 10 included “Don’t know,” “Don’t care,” “None,” “They all suck,” “Not a Republican,” “A Republican,” “Count Basie” and something derogatory about the tea party.

Best Greensboro City Council member
Nancy Vaughan, at-large
Runner-up: Dianne Bellamy Small, District 1
Elmo, the Muppet, beat out Vaughan by 18 votes.

Best High Point alderman
Bernita Sims, Ward 1
Runner-up: Latimer Alexander, at-large

Best Guilford County Commissioner
Billy Yow, District 5
Runner-up: Skip Alston, District 8

Best Forsyth County Commissioner
Dave Plyler, District B
Runner-up: Walter Marshall, District A
Forsyth County voters are apathetic, to say the least, about their county commission.

Best use of public funds
Runner-up: Creating jobs
Wait, I thought government didn’t create jobs….

Worst use of public funds
Politicians’ salaries
Runner-up: The new Guilford County Jail


Best local men’s clothing store
Goodwill, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Banana Republic, Triad-wide
It seems that Tractor Supply has more to offer than just… tractor supply items. They received four votes.

Best local women’s clothing store
Anthropologie, Greensboro
Runner-up: Forever 21, Triad-wide

Best local children’s clothing store
Once Upon A Child, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Target, Triad-wide
“Frickin Hand Me Downs” got 34 Votes. Amen to that!

Best shoe store
SRI Shoe Warehouse, Greensboro
Runner-up: DSW, Greensboro

Best hardware store
Lowes', Triad-wide
Runner-up: McKnight Hardware, Greensboro

Best place to buy vintage clothes
Goodwill, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Design Archives, Greensboro

Best place to buy consignment clothes
Goodwill, Triad-wide
Runner Up: Design Archives, Greensboro
Are we seeing a trend here?

Best thrift clothing store
Goodwill, Triad-wide
Runner Up: Carolina Thrift Store, Triad-wide

Best place to buy furniture
Ashley Furniture, Triad-wide
Runner Up: American Furniture Warehouse, Greensboro
“Ikea” ousted “Not Ikea” by 35 votes.

Best antiques
The Red Collection, Greensboro
Runner Up: Lost In Time Antique Mall, Winston-Salem

Triad’s best kept secret
Greensboro Roller Derby
Runner Up: “It’s still a secret, thank God!” (That’s verbatim, folks.)
Special shout-out to Matt Hayes, Doug Davis and “If I told you, I would have to kill you.” All garnered several votes.

Best frame shop
Michael’s, Winston-Salem
Runner Up: Forsyth County Jail
Easily the best quip.

Best jeweler
Schiffman’s Jewelers, Triad-wide
Runner Up: Windsor Jewelers, Winston-Salem

Best plastic surgeon
Dr. William Barber, Greensboro
Runner up: Dr. David Best, Greensboro
With 21 votes, it seems Dr. Feelgood has serviced a few in the Triad.

Best chiropractor
Tie between Dr. Joshua Katz in Kernersville and Cobb Chiropractic Clinic in Greensboro
Runner Up: Dr. Larry Grossman, Greensboro
Alec Baldwin and Ken Shamrock both made the list.

Best yoga studio
Triad Yoga Institute, Greensboro
Runner Up: Bikram Yoga, Triad-wide
Wii Fit made a good showing with 22 votes.

Best hairstylist
Lauren Faulkner, Scissorhands Hair Studio, Kernersville
Runner Up: Kyle Britt, Studio 207, Greensboro
Leon’s, Salon Medusa, Hair Bomb Salon and Chakras Salon, Spa and Laser all had several entries.

Best massage therapist
Holly Sofley, the Body Mind Center, Greensboro
Runner Up: Jami Craver-Jenkins, Kneaded Energy, Greensboro
Voters kept it surprisingly tame for such a loaded title.

Best hair salon
Scissorhands Hair Studio, Kernersville (despite spelling variations)
Runner Up: Chakras Salon, Spa and Laser, Greensboro

Best tanning salon
Palm Beach Tan, Triad-wide
Runner Up: Got Sun?, Triad-wide
49 voters “disllike taning” (mi two) while Cabo San Lucas receives one vote.

Best spa
Balance Day Spa, Greensboro
Runner Up: Chakras Salon, Spa and Laser, Greensboro

Best tattoo parlor/piercing studio
Golden Spiral Studios, Greensboro
Runner Up: Kingpin Studio, Greensboro

Best bookstore
Edward McKay, Triad-wide
Runner Up: Barnes & Noble, Triad-wide

Best place to buy a pre-owned car
Carmax, Triad-wide
Runner Up: Craigslist

Best place to buy a new car
Flow Automotive, Triad-wide
Runner Up: Crown Honda, Greensboro
“Why buy a new car” received 31 votes.

Best bank
Wachovia, Triad-wide
Runner Up: BB&T, Triad-wide

Best wireless service
Verizon, Triad-wide
Runner Up: AT&T, Triad-wide
Alltel was resurrected for this one.

Best bicycle store
Re:cycles, Greensboro
Runner Up: Cycles de Oro, Greensboro

Best sporting goods store
Dick’s Sporting Goods, Triad-wide
Runner Up: Omega Sports, Triad-wide

Best vet/animal clinic
Ard-Vista Animal Hospital, Winston-Salem
Runner Up: Friendly Animal Clinic, Greensboro

Best place to board your pet
Lucky’s Pet Resort, Greensboro
Runner Up: Camp Bow Wow, Greenboro
The majority of voters either had no preference or suggested, “your house… get a sitter!”

Best place to groom your pet
Petsmart, Triad-wide

Best hotel
Proximity Hotel, Greensboro
Runner-up: O’Henry Hotel, Greensboro
Brewski’s Tavern in Greensboro received six votes. Sleep responsibly, friends.

Best auto repair shop
Cobb Automotive in Greensboro and No Preference tied for first.
Runner-up: Mock Tire, Triad-wide

Best gas station
Sheetz, Triad-wide
Runner-up: “Not BP”
Stamey’s, with one vote, is also a great place to get gas.

Best florist
George K. Walker, Winston-Salem
Runner-up: Plants & Answers, Greensboro

Best garden store
New Garden Nursery, Greensboro
Runner-up: Lowe's, Triad-wide

Best place to buy wine
Total Wine & More, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Harris Teeter, Triad-wide

Best Winston-Salem grocery store
Whole Foods
Runner-up: Harris Teeter

Best Greensboro grocery store
Harris Teeter at Friendly Center
Runner-up: the Fresh Market

Best High Point grocery store
Harris Teeter

Best farmers’ market
Piedmont Triad Farmers Market, Colfax
Runner-up: Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market

Best grocery store
Harris Teeter, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Earth Fare, Greensboro

Best place to buy fresh produce
Piedmont Triad Farmers Market, Colfax
Runner-up: Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market

Best home maintenance/repair company
Pike’s Home Maintenance
Runners-up: “Me, myself and I” followed by “do it yourself.”

Best natural food store
Whole Foods, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Deep Roots Market, Greensboro

Best manicure/pedicure
Balance Day Spa, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Hollywood Nails, Greensboro

Best boutique
Rebecca & Co., Triad wide
Runner-up: Wildflower Boutique, Winston-Salem

Best waxing
Brow Lounge, Greensboro
A Mr. Miyagi reference received three nods.

Best belly dancing:
Daliana Dance, Greensboro
Runner-up: Twisted Dance Studios, Greensboro
An honorable mention goes to Wild Bill at Señor Bravo in Winston-Salem.

Best wedding planner
Renee at Bears, Balloons & Beyond (Greensboro); Rebecca Rose Events, LLC (Winston-Salem) and On Occasion (Winston-Salem)
Runners-up: “Already married,” “I’m not getting married” and “stay single.”

Best green-oriented business
Piedmont Triad Farmers Market, Colfax
Runner-up: Proximity Hotel, Greensboro
A disparaging comment against Al Gore garnered 35 votes.


Best of Greensboro
The Melting Pot
Runner-up: Green Valley Grille
Although no longer in business, Bert’s Seafood received five votes. We miss you Tubby.

Best of Winston-Salem
Bernardin’s Fine Dining
Runner-up: Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro
Mellow Mushroom and Sweet Potatoes were close behind.

Best of High Point
Liberty Steakhouse & Brewery
Runner-up: Marozzi’s Pizzeria
An honorable mention goes to Carter Brothers.

Best chef
Leigh Hesling, Green Valley Grille and Print Works Bistro
Runner-up: Star Johnson, the Restaurant at Sanders Ridge Vineyard and Winery

Best Asian
Phoenix Asian Cuisine, Greensboro
Runner-up: PF Chang’s, Winston-Salem
This category was inundated with names of Asian-Americans. Kobe (Bryant maybe?) was the most glaring.

Best sushi
Sushi Republic, Greensboro
Runner-up: US Sushi, Triad wide

Best Italian
Bianca’s Italian Eatery, Greensboro
Runner-up: Elizabeth’s Pizza, Triad-wide
J-Woww from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” made the list with six votes. A fist pump is in order…. Wait, are we sure she’s really Italian?

Best brunch
Village Tavern, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Grandover Resort, Greensboro

Best bistro
Print Works Bistro, Greensboro
Runner-up: Mozelle’s Fresh Southern Bistro, Winston-Salem

Best sandwich
Firehouse Subs, Triad-wide
Runner-up: The Italian sub at Burke Street Pizza, Winston-Salem

Best sub
Firehouse Subs, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Jimmy John’s, Triad-wide

Best steak
Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Greensboro
Runner-up: Outback Steakhouse, Triad wide
“My own” and “I’m vegetarian” just barely missed the mark, racking up a handful of votes each.

Best BBQ
Carter Brothers BBQ, High Point
Runner-up: Bib’s Downtown Restaurant, Winston-Salem

Best pizza
Mario’s Pizza, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Mellow Mushroom, Triad-wide
Kudos to Mario’s Pizza for blowing away the competition with 400 votes!
Best coffee
Starbucks, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Krankies Coffee, Winston-Salem

Best male waiter
Bobby Clark, Green Valley Grill, Greensboro
Runner-up: Jaybird, Fincastles, Greensboro
Special shout out to “Everyone at Iron Hen” and “the one who doesn’t hit on my girlfriend.” Both received a respectable number of votes.

Best female waiter
Xu Pham, Center City Bar & Grille, Greensboro
Runner-up: Elizabeth Goodson Peters, unknown affiliation

Best neighborhood restaurant
Darryl’s Wood Fired Grill, Greensboro
Runner-up: Fishbones, Greensboro

Best menu for vegetarians
Boba House Vegetarian Restaurant, Greensboro
Boba House slaughtered… Well, lightly sautéed the competition.

Best place to feed entire family
Darryl’s Wood Fired Grill, Greensboro
Runner-up: Jake’s Diner, Greensboro
“A lion’s den” received four votes, but who exactly will be dining?

Best patio/courtyard
Darryl’s Wood Fired Grill, Greensboro
Runner-up: Rana Loca, Winston-Salem
Best breakfast
IHOP, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Smith Street Diner, Greensboro

Best late night
Waffle House, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Cook Out, Triad-wide
“Hot dog man outside of College Hill” gets 10 nods. Hot dog men are notoriously clutch in the late-night hours!

Best cheap eats
Cook Out, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Cici’s Pizza, Triad-wide

Best buffet
Golden Corral, Triad-wide
Runner-up: “They’re all gross.”

Best desserts
Cheesecakes by Alex, Greensboro
Runner-up: Delicious Bakery, Greensboro
Maxi B’s gets an honorable mention for only being a few votes away from tying the runner-up.

Best delivery
Jimmy John’s (by a landslide), Triad-wide
Runner-up: Papa John’s, Triad-wide

Best lunch
Fincastles in Greensboro ties with Bob’s Big Gas Subs & Pub in Winston-Salem
Runner-up: Iron Hen Café, Greensboro

Best hot dog
Yum Yum Better Ice Cream, Greensboro
Runner-up: Skippy’s Hot Dogs, Winston-Salem

Best hamburger
Cook Out, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Kickback Jack’s, Greensboro
Cook Out garnered 533 votes! Heck yeah, man.

Best French fries
Five Guys, Triad-wide
Runner-up: Cook Out, Triad-wide

Best wings
Cooper’s Ale House, Greensboro
Runner-up: East Coast Wing’s & Grill, Triad-wide
“Minj Grille — RIP” made the list while, surprisingly, Vicki’s Secret was nowhere to be found. Shame.

Best bakery
Dewey’s, Triad-wide
Runner-up: delicious, Greensboro
Cheesecakes by Alex was close behind the runner-up.

Best seafood
Bert’s Seafood Grill in Greensboro tied with Full Moon Oyster Bar in Clemmons
Runner-up: Bonefish Grill, Greensboro
Although no longer in business, Mary Lacklen & Co. made one last stand to share the top slot for this category.

Best Irish
Finnigan’s Wake Irish Pub, Winston-Salem
Runner-up: McCoul’s Public House, Greensboro
A close one.

Best romantic dinner
Bianca’s an Italian Eatery, Greensboro
Runner-up: the Melting Pot, Greensboro

Best martini
Green Valley Grill, Greensboro
Runner-up: Village Tavern, Triad-wide

Best wine list
6th & Vine, Winston-Salem
Runner-up: Bin 33, Greensboro

Best Thai
Taste of Thai, Greensboro,
Runner-up: Downtown Thai & Sushi, Winston-Salem
Somehow, Darryl’s Wood Fired Grill snuck into this one also! They’re all over the place.

Best curry
Taste of Thai, Greensboro
Runner-up: Rearn Thai, Greensboro

Best Latin
Rana Loca, Winston-Salem
Runner-up: La Botana, Winston-Salem

Best Diner
Jake’s Diner, Greensboro
Runner-up: Jan’s House Diner, Greensboro

Best Mexican
Kiosco Mexican Grill, Greensboro
Runner-up: Mi Pueblo, Triad-Wide

Best Vietnamese
Pho Hien Vuong, Greensboro
Runner-up: Binh Minh Restaurant, Greensboro

Best Greek
Jack’s Corner Mediterranean Deli, Greensboro
Runner-up: Mykonos Grill, Greensboro

Best Brewery
Foothills Brewing, Winston-Salem
Runner-up: Natty Greene’s Brewing Co., Greensboro

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