Aug. 21, 2011 03:43

Marlando Demonte Pridgen


Residential address: Heritage Creek Way (link)

Age: 28

Incumbent or challenger? Challenger

Campaign website: None

Occupation and employer: Executive director, Positive Directions for Youth and Families

Previous elective experience (including election campaigns): UNCG student body vice president, 2005-2006; candidate, UNCG, student body president, 2006-2007

Civic and volunteer experience (including service on city commissions and boards): Independent research, Greensboro Landmark Project; lobbying federal government to keep tuition from increasing; advocate for downtown public transit

Education: Graduate, West Columbus High School, Cerro Gordo, NC

Party registration: Unaffiliated (nonpartisan contest)

Where were you born? Whiteville

When did you move to Greensboro? 2001

Paid consultants working on campaign: None (as of Aug. 21)

Campaign manager: None (as of Aug. 21)

Treasurer: Self

Articles about this candidate:

At-large candidates in Greensboro municipal election struggle to differentiate themselves (link)

Northeast Greensboro council incumbent challenges the challengers (link)  

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