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triad dj profile


triad dj profile

DJ E.Sudd

DJ handle: “The Golden Child” DJ E.Sudd

What it means: Nice and simple abbreviation of my 1st and last name
Real name: Erik Sudderth

What I play: Hip hop, R&B, reggae, go go (whatever the crowd calls for, it’s
in the archive).

Catch me at: Every Monday at 8 p.m. on the, Tuesday
Open Mic at Club Touch, Wednesday at Club Genesis, most Fridays
and Saturdays at JABS Ultra Bar and Sundays at Club Menage. Really
anticipating Oct 31st NCA&T Homecoming night.

Got in the game: I started out on the dual deck CD players in 2004. After
linking up with Waleed Coyote (Othaz Records/102 Jamz) he began inviting
me to the radio station where I watched the DJs and I realized that
what I was doing was not DJing. I purchased a set of Technics 1200s and
began to work on my mixing and scratching.

Why I do it: My whole life I have had the love for music; listening and
making. During my middle school years, I played the guitar and the drums.
In high school (T. Wingate Andrews), I was on the drumline. I have always
loved the club/live music atmosphere, so I figured pursuing a career as a

DJ would be a good idea.
Influences: First and foremost, anyone that has ever doubted me. DJ MC,
DJ Skillz, DJ Smoove, every real DJ that is serious about their work and of
course, my listeners.

First pro gig: During my freshmen year of college (2005), I began doing
the warm-up/opening sets for DJ Reflection. In early 2006, I landed my first
official gig at the Venue with crowds of 1500-2000 people every Thursday.

Studio work: I’m in Atlanta in the studio as we speak with P Wonda, Tigo B,
Rise, and Young Ezz working on my upcoming album Frontline. I grabbed
the hottest NC artists and put them on the craziest beats. I’d like to
consider Frontline as North Carolina’s resume to the world.

My technique: Working the crowd with call and response

My Gear: Technics 1200 Turntables, Rane 56 and Serato

Personal playlist: I like to listen to mixtapes put together by other DJs.
I am also a fan of late ’90s music and a lot of local artists like Snoog, Naps
Krew and Yacht Music Group.

Favorite albums: The Game — The Documentary, Dr. Dre — The Chronic
2001, Eminem — Marshall Mathers LP, Nelly — Country Grammar, Big Pun
— Yeah Baby, Ludacris — Back For The First Time, Fabolous — Street Dreams

Booking: 336.689.2460,,

I’d like to add: In addition to being the youngest professional DJ in the
Carolinas, I’ve made two BET “Rap City” Appearances, and you can check
me out on the On My Grind mixtape series. !

Also from Ryan Snyder