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“Hopscotch” and hope: Greensboro author Steve Cushman’s new novel.

When Kirkus Reviews called Steve Cushman’s “Hopscotch” uplifting, I sighed. Most stories of cancer patients encountering miracles make me nauseous as my 2014 chemotherapy did. ...
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Piedmont-Born Comic Book Pioneer Matt Baker

Black Man’s Bombshells: Piedmont-Born Comic Book Pioneer Matt Baker by Ian McDowell Matt Baker was a damn good-looking black man who made his living drawing ...
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Beloved Bookstore’s Final Chapter

I recently spoke with poet and fiction writer Fred Chappell about Ben Matthews and his Greensboro institution. “All bookstores should be eccentric,” said Fred, “and ...
Lois Pain aka Meagan Hooker photo by Becky VanderVeen

Arm-Wrestling Heroines Muscle Up for Charity

Photos by Becky VanderVeen Free Comic Book Day (or as some call it, “Geek Christmas”) is a big deal here. When the City Council nicknamed ...
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Checking out Fish Tables in Greensboro

My friend says don’t use his real name, but nixes my suggestion of calling him Ivan “Guy running the competition is named that. Whenever there’s ...
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Ssalefish Plans to Stand Out in Greensboro’s Crowded Comics Market

I bought The Uncanny X-Men #133, the issue in which the previously annoying supporting character Wolverine took on the Hellfire Club all by himself and ...
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The Man Who “Invented” Zombies

The zombie myth, a metaphor for slavery, wasn’t created by a white guy. But William Seabrook’s 1929 bestseller The Magic Island was the vector that ...
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Swords Clash and Knighthood Flowers in Greensboro

When Sir T-hawk’s sword strikes Sir John’s, a metallic RING! echoes through the gym.  “You can always tell someone’s into this by the way their ...
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‘Mad Man’ is a Maestro

PHOTOS BY TODD TURNER From the Electric Rake to Bach on the Banjo: A Conversation with Eugene Chadbourne Few people realize Eugene Chadbourne is famous. ...
LaRue Elm owner Trey Bell works the oysters at a recent event on the restaurant's patio. Another oyster roast is planned for March 4.
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A ‘moveable feast’ at LaRue Elm’s patio oyster roast

“There is some good in the miserable Britons after all, as their barbaric island yields the best oysters,” wrote the Roman historian Sallust in 50 ...