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Movies and Original Programming available on Netflix and Amazon Prime ...

Ian’s Netflix picks: Fauda. Imagine The Wire set in Ramallah. Israeli cop series praised for its portrayal of Palestinian daily life, with the London Times ...
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The Triad’s Real Civil War Heritage

“We just want to celebrate our heritage,” said Gary Williamson, founder of the Snow Camp based organization Alamance County Taking Back Alamance County (ACTBAC) at ...
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The Triad’s Top Ten Sunday Brunches

On the theory that restaurant people know about good competing restaurants, I arrived at this list after consulting friends who work at such places as ...
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San Luis: One of Greensboro’s First Authentic Mexican Restaurants Still ...

“Oh my God, it has a face!” said my date when the waiter set my gape-mouthed mojarra frita on our table at San Luis 1 ...
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Nicole Sarrocco and Her “Occasionally True” Ghosts

Nicole Sarrocco is the author of Ill-Mannered Ghosts: An Occasionally True Account of Hillbilly Stonehenge, Occult Cleaning Products, the Lady in the Picture, and the ...
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Four Options for a Take-Out Thanksgiving Dinner

There are three traditional options for Thanksgiving dinner: cook it yourself, sponge off someone else’s generosity, or go out to a restaurant. But what if ...
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Greensboro finally has a real, and really good, Chinese restaurant

While Greensboro offers excellent Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Korean cuisine, it’s been a long time since we had a decent sit-down home-style authentic Chinese restaurant. ...
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Despite the season, the Ice Queen expands her realm

As anyone who’s seen the long lines for her ice cream “sammiches” knows, Christine Catania is the (Ice) Queen of the Triad’s renaissance in vehicular ...
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Hong Kong House Cookbook a Surprise Bestseller

Neither Amelia Leung nor Karen McClamrock ever expected to have their names on an Amazon Bestseller, but that’s what happened. Shortly after it was published ...
Amber and model Danny Wolf, photo by Rick Badillo

Amber Michael’s Art of Darkness

Amber Michael, voted the Triad’s Best Artist in the 2016 Yes! Weekly poll, has won acclaim for her special make-up effects and bodypainting. She’s also ...