Here And Gone: Kurt Vile sings of 21st-Century anxieties

Kurt Vile has tapped into something. The Philadelphia-based singer, songwriter and guitarist makes music that is psychedelic and trippy, with rippling echoes, clouds of reverb, ...

A spiritual comeback for guitarist Eric Gales

Guitarist Eric Gales was pretty stoked when I spoke to him last week, just before the snow started falling. Gales, who’s originally from Memphis, Tennessee, ...

Highly mobile N.C. band Drag Sounds help christen new record ...

Drag Sounds make artisanal rock-and-roll. That totally made-up designation might not have much to do with their sound, which has clear debts to bands like ...
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Reflecting on local music, politics and the view of 2017

There’s a popular consensus that 2016 has been one of the worst years in recent memory. The country feels terminally divided and on the brink ...
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Singer and songwriter Clay Howard releases new EP

Like many people, singer and songwriter Clay Howard was initially motivated to make music by a sense of style. Howard got his first electric guitar ...

The sophisticated soul of Carolyn Malachi

The plain-spoken truth can be startling. Especially in an age when people go out of their way not to hear it. Singer, songwriter and producer ...

The grunge metal of Citizen Zero

Some rock is on a mission. There’s plenty of loud guitar-based rock music that’s all about excess and the extremes of pleasure-seeking. But there’s a ...

Nashville-based Forlorn Strangers play Winston-Salem’s Muddy Creek Music Hall

A lot of roots/Americana bands tend to romanticize the pull of the land, the rhythms of labor, the poetry of crops and seasons. The founding ...

Floating With Carri Smithey

Elon-based Singer/Songwriter Teams Up With Greensboro’s The Ends For Debut Carri Smithey isn’t one to take all the credit. Smithey, who sings and writes much ...
Damon Davis, #Canonize The Kids, St. Michael, 2015. Image courtesy the artist.
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Dispatches at SECCA explores media saturation in 21st century

“Dispatches,” a new exhibit at SECCA, explores media saturation, surveillance, online activism, gender identity, political fervor, the plight of refugees and environmental degradation in the ...