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Our Chef’s Table at Graze Restaurant

| @triadfoodies One thing you can be sure of, when you gather your friends and fellow foodies for a meal at Graze Restaurant, you are ...
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Falling for All Things Pumpkin

| @triadfoodies Pumpkin: Cultivar of squash plant…sending bakers, coffeeshops and retailers into a full blown tizzy faster than you can say “pepitas.” Seems like pumpkin—or ...
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At The Center of Hope with 12 Suppers

| @triadfoodies By the end of the year, more than 14 local restaurants will have taken part in a special collaboration that helps feed Winston-Salem ...
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Going Quackers as Duck Donuts is Opening in the Triad

| @triadfoodies Fans of Duck Donuts rejoice!! Duck Donuts, which practically has a cult following across the state and now the East Coast, is opening ...
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Art Inspired Chef Tasting

@triadfoodies Reason #1 for showing the photos and describing the “Art Inspired Chef Tasting” that took place at West End Millworks is this: This hopes ...
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What is Nitro Brew Coffee and Why Should You Care?

@triadfoodies Coffee lovers, want to get elevated to a new java experience? Get yourself some Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. Why should you care? Because it’s ...
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Dinner Under The Stars with Triad Local First

@triadfoodies Triad Local First’s Community Table is a much loved event. That was quite apparent Sunday evening as about 150 supporters joined for another year ...
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Art Inspiration from Local Chefs

| @triadfoodies West End Millworks is hosting an art-inspired evening with Reynolda House Museum of American Art on Sunday, Oct. 9 at 5:30 p.m. Local ...
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Conrad Fund to benefit Thanksgiving Day community table

@tradfoodies When we sit down at our Thanksgiving table, giving thanks for the wonderful meal we are about enjoy among family, or friends who are ...
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A spirit for NC mixology – Jordan Keiper

@triadfoodies Every once in a while, Chow has to be about Drank. As a matter of fact, Drank might be a good idea for a ...