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High Point fashion designer and immigrant Florence Wallace shares her ...

  When Florence Wallace was a little girl growing up across Liberia, Nigeria and Ghana, she thought America looked like paradise, all except for New ...
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Friday Night Music Club Shakes up Winston-Salem

Friday Night Music Club (FNMC) hit the Winston-Salem music scene in early 2017, and it’s quickly grown from one man’s passion project into a team ...
LEAD-MAIN-Sallie White after it all
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Extractions: Sallie White’s Solo Exhibition Comes to CVA Gallery

“I begin most paintings with a sense of unknowing, so my process is something like a wrestling match,” said Sallie White. “I don’t have a ...

No Planet B: Greensboro’s March for Science

Nearly 1,000 people gathered at Governmental Plaza on Greene Street this past Saturday to take part in the global March for Science. The Greensboro march ...

Dueling Carbon Dividends Plans at the GSO Science Cafe

  The future is now. Google plans to put its first self-driving cars on the roads this summer. Diseases that once meant certain death can ...
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Greensboro Permaculture Guild Grows Next Generation of Farmers

There’s a good chance you’ve seen the work of the Greensboro Permaculture Guild, but you may not have known it. The group of sustainable design ...
Photo by Ivan Cutler/MakingNewz
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Greensboro Rails Against ICE Raids, Detention of Local Immigrants

Pouring rain didn’t stop the crowd gathered outside FaithAction International House on Greene Street near Downtown Greensboro on Monday evening. They came to protest recent ...
Revolution Mill arts residency
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Revolution Mill Creates Residency for Local Artists

The current political climate seems sure to bring about some amazing protest art, but in Greensboro, local artists will have the revolution brought to them. ...
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Contest Calls on tech savvy Triad Residents to Create Smarter ...

Are you a programmer, application designer, or entrepreneur? Do you want to help build North Carolina’s future while winning awesome prizes? Then the US Ignite ...
Katie Lank and Jeff Beck of 336 Urban Arts Project
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336 Urban Arts Project set to launch

What do food trucks, brick walls and couches have in common? They are all about to become canvases for the 336 Urban Arts Project, a ...