Winston-Salem Protests the Dakota Access Pipeline

The sidewalks of downtown Winston-Salem show the trail of the Winston-Salem Stand for Standing Rock Protest. They read #noDapl, Frack You, and No Blood for ...
The Arts

Bookmarks to Hold Book Sale of Village Book Shop Inventory

Bookmarks, a literary arts nonprofit, is holding a book sale on Saturday, October 22 and Sunday, October 23 featuring 6,500 books from the inventory of ...
The Arts

Salem College Center for Women Writers celebrates twenty year anniversary

The Center for Women Writers was established in 1996 by renowned poet, scholar, and former Dean of Salem College, Annette Allen. The center’s mission, as ...
The Arts

Bookmarks 2016 as Experienced by A Local Emerging Writer

Bookmarks is a nonprofit organization based in Winston Salem that connects all things literary with the community at large. As a fledgling poet in my ...