Murky public-private partnerships inspire skepticism

CORRECTION: Greensboro Downtown Greenway, LLC was organized under the management of Action Greensboro in 2007 as a for-profit entity, not in 2012 as a non-profit ...

Greensboro’s authenticity transcends slogans

A Washington Post column last week described Greensboro bluntly as an “intersection of slapdash American city boulevards.” It derided Greensboro for no longer hosting NCAA ...

Shake it up: Greensboro City Council Elections Getting Interesting – ...

Although the Greensboro City Council elections are nine months away, 2017 looks like it might be the year of the shake-up. After the last election, ...
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It’s time for Greensboro’s secret Internet plans to involve the ...

Imagine if the City of Greensboro decided to take a lane of 45 MPH Wendover Avenue, give it to a private company and allow that ...
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Fake news demands that we evolve our thinking

No civilization has survived losing its grip on reality. Neither will America “I don’t know if it’s true or not, but it’s on Facebook” said ...

Greensboro Council’s problems with truth continue

The deadline for this column was the afternoon of election day. If Hillary Clinton has lost, it will be in no small part because people ...
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Greensboro’s challenge on race is America’s challenge

The generations before us made monumental strides against centuries of entrenched prejudice and bigotry. Standing on their shoulders, we should appreciate the head start we ...

Greensboro tightens its grip on public information

When Erika Lovett asked the City of Greensboro for a map showing plans for the Vandalia Road project this summer, she received a reply from ...

With Trump the means are the end

Driving home on a two-lane country road through southern Virginia in July, I came upon some road construction. After a warning of “one lane road ...

Privacy rights and government interest are out of balance

Brin predicted that attempting to fight the government's use of technology to surveil us would likely be a losing battle. The better alternative was to ...