be there

by Brian Clarey

Thurs., March 4

The Mixed Tape Film Series: Big Trouble in Little China

Carousel Luxury Cinemas; 1305 Battleground Ave., Greensboro; 336.230.1620;; 7:30 p.m. and 10 p.m.; $4

There is much to love about this 1980s kung fu flick (which I have personally seen maybe a dozen times). It’s Kurt Russell’s best role since Snake Pliskin in Escape From New York. There’s that crazy karate lightning guy. And don’t forget “Sex and the City”’s Kim Cattral in a wet T-shirt.

Wed., March 3

United Way Young Leaders Annual Membership Meeting

United Way of Greater Greensboro Office, 1500 Yanceyville St., Greensboro,; 6:30 p.m.; FREE The baby boomers have leveraged their demographic clout into a monopoly on political, business and activist leadership positions, but soon they’ll be drawing Social Security and living the good life at the Well Spring. If you have been asking yourself if you could impact your community, take your leadership skills to the next level and be part of a grassroots movement, United Way of Greater Greensboro’s Young Leaders want you to consider joining their ranks.

Fri., March 5

2010 ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament Mascot Night

Greensboro Coliseum; www.; 5 p.m.; $10 and up In honor of the 2010 ACC Women’s Basketball Tournament, which starts this week, mascots from all 12 teams will work the Greensboro Coliseum tonight in between games. I like it when they fight, and would pay good money to see a face-off between, say, the FSU Indian and the Duke Blue Devil, or the Demon Deacon take on the University of Miami… what is that, a duck?

Sat., March 6

Beard & Mustache Club of NC 3rd anniversary

Lyndon Street Artworks; 205 Lyndon St., Greensboro; www.; 8 p.m.; FREE You don’t need a beard or a mustache to party with the NC Beard & Mustache Club, but you better be sporting some sort of whiskers if you want to be a member. Tonight’s anniversary party sees three bands — the Radials, Milltown and Eszett — and, judging by the Facebook invite page, lots and lots of ladies who are not averse to a little facial hair.

Sun., March 7

Creative Aging Symposium

Cultural Arts Center; 200 N. Davie St., Greensboro; 336.235.0856;; 8 a.m.; $75/session Day Two of the Creative Aging Symposium takes place at the CAC — yesterday’s was at the Marriott — and tackles issues associated with growing older.

Subjects like visual art, poetry, horticulture, dance, memories and healthcare help seniors make creative use of the extra time they finally have.

Mon., March 8

Once Upon a Time…When We Were Colored

UNC School of the Arts ACE Exhibition Complex; Winston- Salem;; 7 p.m.; $8, $2 UNCSA students Based on the 1989 memoir by Clifton L. Taulbert, this 1996 epic film chronicles the travails of an Africa-American family in the mid-20 th century. It was made for less than $2.5 million, and has 83 speaking roles. Also, it was adapted and directed by Tim Reid, who you may better know as Venus Flytrap.’

Tues., Mar 9

The Big Eat

Select downtown Winston- Salem restaurants; www.dwsp. org/theBigEat.htm Let’s face it: Tuesday sucks, especially when you’re putting together the BeThere feature. But now, with the Downtown Winston- Salem Partnership’s Big Eat, we’ve got content for Tuesdays every week until the end of March. The restaurant special includes more than 20 eateries, all of which offer signature dishes at half price. Check the website for a list of restaurants and specials.

Wed., March 10

MEAC 2010 Tournament High School Day

LJVM; Winston-Salem; www.; 10 a.m.; $16 and up The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference holds its annual tournament at the Joel this week. Events include a cheerleading contest, a college fair, live jazz, a gospel brunch and yeah, there will be some basketball. Get in on the action by going to the website.

Go here for a full listing of happenings around the triad.