be there!

by YES! Weekly staff


Noon at the Spoon

Weatherspoon Art Museum;1000 Spring Garden St., Greensboro;; 336.334.5770; FREE

Spend your lunch break at the ’Spoon in downtown Greensboro with an art exhibit inspired by what we see on a daily basis. The Faraway/Nearby: Landscapes and Urban Views from the Permanent Collection featuresour urban landscape surroundings. Artists observe their environment andexpress themselves through them. The exhibit runs through Aug. 3. Oneartist, Yvonne Jacquette, has earned international recognition for herenigmatic aerial views of urban architecture


There goes the neighborhood

Five Points Tattoo; 1234 Montlieu Ave., High Point; 336.882.8661; fivepointstattoo; 8pm; $10 Get ready for some outlaw music in High Point. BobWayne & his Outlaw Carnies are coming to Five Points Tattoo alongwith the beautiful Cherry Bombers playing between sets. Bob Wayneclaims to have a different assortment of band members for each show.“Now every day is different, every player every show,” it says on hisMySpace page. “Will you see a bearded lady? Unless you go, you’ll neverknow.”


Get on your bikes and ride!

Weatherspoon Art Museum;1000 Spring Garden St., Greensboro;; 336.334.5770; FREE The Latino Summer Film Series will be playing, Diarios de Motocicleta and for those of you who failed Spanish 1 in high school: The Motorcycle Diaries. Thisis a part of the Weatherspoon’s annual Summer Film Series. The movie isbased on the journey of Che Guevara and his best friend, AlbertoGranado, who rode a motorcycle across South America. I hope the motorcycle had a sidecar or at least a radio.

FRIDAY July 11

Hhighland Games

MacRae Meadows on Grandfather Mountain;; 828.733.1333; $55 all four days, $10TH,$20F, $25S, $15S Don’tlie — you know you want a good excuse to dust off the kilt in yourcloset, well here it is: the 53 rd annual Grandfather Mountain HighlandGames and Gathering O’ Scottish Clans. It was established to promoteand restore interest in traditional dancing, piping, drumming, athleticachievement, music and Gaelic culture, and to establish scholarshipfunds to assist students from Avery County High School to study atAmerican colleges and universities. So make the drive and supportScottish roots and if you don’t have any? They don’t care as long asyou’re having a good time.


Made in the South

1203 Frances Daily Court Colfax;; 800.672.2148; 8am-3pm; FREE Whodoesn’t love it when Girl Scouts come to the door bearing cookies? TheThin Mints are my favorite in case you were wondering what to get mefor Christmas. Come support the Girl Scouts in the Triad at the Fiberand Folk art festival featuring traditional Southern pottery, handwrought jewelry, handbags, baskets, dolls and a lot more. All works aremade by local NC residents.

SUNDAY July 13

Another lazy Sunday

EMFFringe Series; Founder’s Lawn, Guilford College; 5800 W. Friendly Ave.,Greensboro;; 336.333.7450; 6 p.m.; FREE TheEastern Music Festival is finally here so clear your calendar and tryto make most of the events. This Sunday the Steady Rollin’ Bob MargolinBlues Band and Shiela Klinefelter & Her Traveling Circus will beperforming on Founder’s Lawn and if their names alone should be enoughto attract you consider that Bob Margolin played with the Muddy Waters’Band from 1973-’80.

MONDAY July 14

The sunshine is calling my name Downtown Greensboro; Locations vary; Greensboronc. org; Times vary; $5 Gofor a walk through downtown Greensboro, get some fresh air and exerciseat the same time. The city is offering walking self-guided tours ofHistoric Greensboro. The rental locations include: Central Library Coffee Shop, 336.373.3777 at 219 N. Church St.; Carolina Theatre Box Office, 336.333.2605, 310 S. Greene St. and Greensboro Historical Museum Gift Shop, 336.373.2949, 130 Summit Ave.


Baby signs

Hanes Mall, Healthy Living Play Area; 3320 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem; 336.765.8321; 11:00 a.m.; FREE TheTot Spot Club (say it three times fast) sponsored by BestHealth isholding a meet-and-greet for stay-at-home parents of children underfive. It is a free program with information on keeping you and yourlittle one healthy. It is held every third Thursday of the month so ifyou can’t make it this week mark your calendar for August. This week’slesson is on the benefits of sign language in helping infants tocommunicate.