be there!

by YES! Weekly staff

TUESDAY, July 15

Eastern Music Festival Carnegie Room, Hege Library, Guilford College; Greensboro;; 336.333.7450; 8 p.m.; $25/$23 Againthis week is the Eastern Music Festival. Check out the website for thefull line-up, because every day of the week EMF has something worthseeing and listening to. So don’t put it off — the festival ends Aug.2. EMF says, “Hear music in an intimate setting and enjoy the greattalents of these wonderful musicians.”


Chuck Folds Five Cooper’s Ale House; 5340 W. Market St., Greensboro;; 336.294.0575; 10 p.m.; FREE ChuckFolds Five is not a knockoff of Ben Folds Five, but actually a bandstarted by Ben’s younger brother, Chuck. They are headlining CollegeNight at Cooper’s Ale House. If you can’t make this show check outtheir MySpace for upcoming dates; they play everywhere from Wild WingCafé in Winston-Salem to Ham’s in Chapel Hill. The bass player, ChuckFolds, and vocalist/lead guitar Steve Williard keep themselves busierthan any other local band I know of by playing in two other bands:Rubberband and Big Bang Boom. So about any night of the week you canfind Chuck and Steve playing in the Triad.


Doobie Doobie Do War Memorial Auditorium; 1921 W. Lee St., Greensboro; ; 336.852.1100; 8pm; $39.50- $49.50 Michael McDonald… yeah his name rings a bell, but he is a little before my time, gaining fame in the early 1970s. McDonald, formally of the Doobie Brothers, recently released an album, Soul Speak, whichhe refers to as “a labor of love.” He won a Grammy for best song in1980, but he has had his fair share of success in the last few yearswith his previous album, Motown (2003), which had two Top 15 Billboard Hits songs.

FRIDAY, July 18

Frontier, a tribute to Journey Lincoln Theatre; 126 E. Cabarrus St., Raleigh;; 336.821.4111; 8pm Doors 9pm Show; $10, $12 at D Nowyou will not look so weird when you belch out “Don’t Stop Believing” atthe top of your lungs cause this time you will be in a music hall fullof people screaming it too. Journey, unlike many classic bands of theirera, are still around and kicking, releasing an album in early June.Frontier has been around only more than a year nowand its lead vocalistonce turned down the opportunity to take Steve Perry’s place. Hearinghim sing will prove the validity of this story; I don’t know about youbut I am gonna wait until Friday to see if Frontier can keep mebelieving.


Neuter’em Dog Days; 705 Battleground Ave. Greensboro;; 336.883.9356; 10 a.m.; FREE DrewCarey doesn’t have the type of jazz that Bob Barker had when hereminded us all to “spay and neuter our pets.” Not everyone took hisadvice because homeless animals are on the rise in the Triad. TheAnimal Rescue Groups of NC are holding the Summer Loving Indoor PetAdoption Fair for homeless cats and dogs. Even if you are indecisiveabout adopting a pet, go — a kitten’s adorable face will help you makeup your mind. And guys, it will drive your girlfriend crazy if you takeher.

SUNDAY, July 20

Get on your bikes and ride Riders in the Country; 5701 Randleman Road, Greensboro; 336.674.5111; 12 p.m.; $10 to ride, $5 to not (all donation) Forall you bikers out there, get together and help out a fallen brother.Dwayne McMahan died June 13 after his motorcycle was struck by a car.He is a part of a string of motorcycle accidents in Davidson County.Riders in the Country is holding a charity ride to raise money to adoptthe road he was killed on and put it in his name as well as the leftover proceeds, after his family is taken care of, will be donated to acharity in McMahan’s name. The event will feature a ride to Softtailson Holden Road along with music by Sixty Eight Seasons, food anddrinks. The ride will leave at 12:30. Even if you don’t ride, come outin support.

MONDAY, July 21

Get in the game Special Events Coliseum at Greensboro Coliseum; 1921 W. Lee St., Greensboro;; 336.379.9095; 8 a.m.; $75 Theysay if you can’t do, teach. Well I don’t know what they say aboutcoaching but if you need some coaching help check out the 60 th annualNorth Carolina’s Coaches Clinic NCCA starting on June 21 and endingJune 24. NCCA says, “The North Carolina Coaches Association exists topromote and improve athletics in North Carolina’s public schools and tofoster high standards of ethics and sportsmanship.”

TUESDAY, July 22

X–mas in July NewBridge Bank Park; Greensboro;; 336.268.BALL; 7 p.m.; $6-$9 Imiss that holiday cheer, the wintertime snow, the gifts, and yeah, Istill miss Santa. The Grasshoppers are covering Natty’s Hill with snow.So during the game be a kid again and go play in the snow minus all thelayers of clothing making you look like the little brother in A Christmas Story. AlsoSanta will be there taking time off from making your presents for thereal Christmas to watch the Grasshoppers play the Charleston RiverDogs.