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by the YES! Staff

every day, something cool

WEDNESDAY, Dec. 31 High Point Sesquicentennial

High Point Country Club; 800 Country Club Drive, High Point; 336.885.1859;; 8 p.m.; $150 It’sNew Year’s Eve around the world, with parties at all self-respectingbars and many homes and apartments, but only in High Point can youcelebrate a sesquicentennial. That’s 150 years of furniture, farming,Coltrane and Quakers. The high-ticket fundraiser for the High PointMuseum kicks off a series of festivities leading up to the city’sanniversary on May 26. One hundred and fifty dollars (get it?) coversfood, champagne and entertainment.

THURSDAY, Jan. 1 Last day of Kwanzaa

Sweet Potatoes Restaurant; 529 Trade St., Winston- Salem; 336.793.7462;; program at 1 p.m., dinner 2-5 p.m.; fee for food Squeezedbetween Christmas and New Year’s Day, the six-day festival of Kwanzaafills out a packed winter calendar. At Sweet Potatoes, holidaycompletists may celebrate Kwanzaa’s day of Imani, or faith, and followit with a traditional New Year’s meal, and even an early inaugurationparty, as Triad Cultural Arts, Inc. honors the Obama Faith Committee.Black-eyed peas, pork neck bones and sweet-potato pie are a fine reasonto bust your New Year’s diet resolution.

FRIDAY, Jan. 2 Jack Williams

Blessings; 823 Reynolda Road, Winston-Salem; 336.724.9393;; 8 p.m.; $10 Ifyou’ve never been to 823 Reynolda, check out photos of the indoor fairygarden online. It’s one of several old industrial buildings in Winstonbeing converted to ecclectic and beautiful social spaces. Or betteryet, go see Jack Williams. The folk legend leads off Fiddle & Bow’s2009 program, which includes folk music and dance shows on first andthird Fridays — most of them at 823 Reynolda. Williams was called “thebest guitar player I’ve ever heard” by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul& Mary

SATURDAY, Jan. 3 Record and CD Collector’s Show

Guilford Convention Center; E. Lee St., Greensboro; 478.737.0688;; 10 a.m.-5 p.m.; FREE Inthe iTunes age, when music collecting is usually limited to downloadingmissing album art, one jumps at a collector’s show. The traveling ShowLogic Productions features a variety of vendors selling (and buying andtrading) new and used records, CDs, imports, books and all sorts ofmemorabilia. For a cost of $10, aficionados may show up before 10 a.m.for first pick at the goods.

SUNDAY, Jan. 4 Closing Exhibitions

SECCA; 750 Marguerite Drive, Winston-Salem; 336.725.1904;; 10 a.m.-5 a.m.; FREE Todayis the last day of three exhibitions at SECCA and of the galleryitself, as the museum closes until early 2010 for structuralrenovations. The exhibitions include the psychedelic visions of CarlosAmorales in a video called “Manimal,” the avant garde quilt work ofNancy Crow and the enigmatic still-life photographs of Erwin Olaff.’ You’ll also enjoy the Marguerite Drive building, which is a modernistmarvel itself, with its irregular and soon-to-berebuilt 46,400 squarefoot roof.

MONDAY, Jan. 5 Science Night

Hemphill Branch Library; 2301 West Vandalia Road, Greensboro; 336.373.2925; 6:30 p.m.; FREE The mysteries of science can intrigue and dazzle students of all ages, which makes Science Night a great family event. Afterall, toddlers and PhDs are all amazed by magnesium flares, baking-sodavolcanoes and other explosions. Tonight’s assembly is hosted byNorthwest Guilford Middle School teacher Jeff Frates.

TUESDAY, Jan. 6 Philidor Percussion Group

Watson Chamber Music Hall; UNC School of the Arts, Winston-Salem; 336.770.3399;; 7:30 p.m.; $12 PhilidorPercussion Group has the chops to pull off a 90-minute drum solo, oractually drum trio. The school’s resident group, which includes musicinstructors from the School of the Arts and Duke University, varies thepercussive barrage by using ethnic beats, world instruments andeverything from funk to mambo. Philidor will also perform new works bySchool of the Arts and UNCG students. Go to the show and imagineplaying those drums on Rock Band 2.

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 7 YES! Weekly social

Shaffner House Inn; 150 S. Marshall St.; Winston-Salem; 336.777.0052; 5:30-7:30 p.m.; FREE YES! Weekly teamsup with for this midweek networking event. The doors arewide open with free food and drink, and an invitation to all ages, butword from our advertising department is that the socials have beenskewing towards older age brackets lately, with most comers clocking inat over 30. Consistent with that demographic, I’m told that some actualbusiness networking transpires. Come see for yourself