be there!

by Gus Lubin


Every day, something cool


Wednesday, Jan. 7 Computers & the Writer’s Life Forsyth County Public Library; 660 W. 5 th St., Winston-Salem;; 7 p.m.; FREE Speed and accuracy versus distraction. The ability to put on music — Beck, no, Beatles, no, shuffle — in an instant and look up any quote — find allusions that Ezra Pound never dreamed of — makes writing on a computer a super-powered, doubleedged sword. But don’t brave the new world alone: Head over to the library for support and secrets. The seminar is hosted by two editors, Lane Goddard and Cornelia Barr, and organized by the local writing program Winston-Salem Writers.

Thursday, Jan. 8 Miss Gulch Returns! Open Space Cafe Theatre; 4609 W. Market St., Greensboro; 336.292.2285;; 8 p.m.; $20 Ever feel sorry for Miss Almira Gulch? The premise of a new production at the Open Space Cafe Theatre is that Gulch, the cycling villain of The Wizard of Oz last seen riding into a tornado, deserves at least a little bit of pity. In the one-man comedy cabaret production, Gulch complains of her lonely, manless, cat-filled life in Kansas. Musical numbers include “Pour Me a Man,” “Everyone Worth Taking’s Been Taken” and “I’m a Bitch.” In this production Gulch is played by a man, local actor Macon Shirley. The provocative show runs until Jan. 24.

Friday, Jan. 9 YES! Weekly 4 th Anniversary Party Foothills Brewery; 638 W. 4th St., Winston-Salem; 336.777.3499;; 7 p.m. ’til midnight; $10 charity donation We did it and you can too! Join Charles Womack, Brian Clarey and the YES! Weekly team in celebrating four years and 210 issues of the local press. Events may or may not include Twister with Kenny, Brad’s kissing booth and the YES! Weekly prize wheel, with music from Clay Howard and Benjy Johnson. Admission includes free food and beer samples. Come give us your news tips, event plugs, phone numbers and a pat on the back.

Saturday, Jan. 10 The New Familiars The Blind Tiger; 2115 Walker Ave., Greensboro; 336.272.9888;; 10 p.m.; $TBA The New Familiars are another great band from the Carolina foothills, complete with drums, banjos and beards. The five musicians play tight blues, rock and original songs that sound like classics. If you haven’t been to a concert yet this year, make your Saturday night live at the Blind Tiger.

Sunday, Jan. 11 UNC at Wake Forest Men’s Basketball LJVM Coliseum; 2825 University Parkway, Winston-Salem; 336.725.5635;; 8 p.m.; sold out? Best bet is to catch this one at your local bar or home TV. Tickets sold fast for the highly anticipated clash between the promising Deacs and the titan Tarheels. Wake Forest has its strongest basketball team in years after a 13-0 non-conference start. UNC came into the season unanimously ranked number one, although they were recently stunned by a loss to Boston College. The loss gives Wake a cause for hope — and the Tarheels a reason for revenge. Look out for wild celebrations on Reynolda campus, where students have just returned from winter break.

Monday, Jan. 12 Ribbon cutting to benefit Brenner Children’s Hospital Ombu Wood Fired Fusion; 615 St. George Square Court, Winston-Salem; 336.293.4346;; 5:30 p.m.; 20 percent of sales go to hospital There’s nothing like a ribbon-cutting to bolster civic pride. The honorable Mayor Joines and his scissors will mark the grand opening of upscale fusion restaurant Ombu. Try chic menu items like potato gnocchi saut’ed in brown butter with lobster, spinach and wild mushrooms or pan-fried veal Napoleon with fresh mozzarella, fried green tomato and smoked shallot jam. Twenty percent of your bill — say, dessert — goes to the Brenner Children’s Hospital.

Tuesday, Jan. 13 nu (Contemporary Ensemble) Watson Chamber Music Hall; UNC School of the Arts, Winston-Salem; 336.721.1945;; 7:30 p.m.; $12 Lower-cased nu is a student ensemble of mixed instruments that plays edgy contemporary classical music. Tonight’s fare includes Steve Reich’s “Eight Lines,” Johne Orfe’s “Oyster” and John Adam’s “Gnarly Buttons.” Expect these perplexing works to evoke real oysters, buttons and lines. The performance is conducted by Ransom Wilson and features master clarinetist Igor Begelman.

Wednesday, Jan. 14 Jules Olitski: An Inside View, A Survey of Prints, 1945-2007 Weatherspoon Art Museum; UNCG, Greensboro; 336.334.5770;; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; FREE A master of the 1960s Color Field painters, Jules Olitski also created series of smaller color prints. These lesser known prints reveal the intention and focus behind his massive painting masterpieces. A survey of Olitski’s prints from 1954 to 2007 opens this week at the Weatherspoon and runs until March 29, but you’ll never find a better Wednesday afternoon than right.