by Keith T. Barber and Jordan Green

Monitoring the economic pulse of the Triad


All successful entrepreneurs have a knack for spotting a business need and coming up with a creative solution to meet that need. Connie Chesner, founder of Right Brain Discovery, clearly falls into this category of entrepreneurs. After working for a local marketing firm for more than a decade, Chesner realized that small and medium-sized businesses were not reaping the benefits of market research.

“They couldn’t afford it,” she said. So she endeavored to offer market research to small businesses at reasonable rates. As the only full-time employee of Right Brain Discovery, Chesner can keep her costs low. She collaborates with a national network of contractors who go out into the field and conduct qualitative research for determining specifically what consumers want. Chesner matches talent sets to projects, and this “knowledge mining” of qualitative research helps give direction to marketing campaigns.

“It depends on what [a company] is looking to do, and what stage they’re in, but once they know what consumers are thinking, they can be very smart about their communications,” she said.

The company’s name derives from the fact that “the right side of our brains control creative thinking,” according to the company’s website. Right Brain Discovery starts with existing customer information— transactional data, survey data — and builds a foundation for future marketing efforts, Chesner said.

Right Brain Discovery is composed of two sections: market research and keynote speaking. Chesner, who taught public speaking at Wake Forest University for eight years, said the keynote speaking component grew out of the multiple speaking engagements she’s been asked to perform since she started her company last year. For further info, visit: — KTB