by Jordan Green

Real estate listing company moves HQ to downtown Greensboro

Downtown Greensboro Inc. announces that Listingbook LLC has moved its national headquarters to center city. Described as “the developer and operator of a suite of leading real estate websites,” Listingbook services real estate buyers, agents and home service providers with up-to-the-minute information. The company was previously located in an office park near Piedmont Triad International Airport, and the move adds 30 employees to the downtown workforce. The transition came about because the company’s software development team recommended downtown as a more creative work setting.

“They love being able to walk out of the office and choose from a diversity of restaurants, shops and entertainment venues,” said owner Randall Kaplan in a prepared statement. “When the team works late at night, they like being able to leave work and find themselves in an environment of fun and relaxation.”

Women’s clothing supplants antiques at State Street business

Cat’s Meow Boutique, an upscale clothing store, opened in early October at 517 State Street in Greensboro in place of Southwick Antiques. Owner Diana Carl, who also owned Southwick Antiques, still has a sizeable inventory of antiques that she expects to be unloading for several years, but she was persuaded by the success of her daughter’s plus-sizes store, Linnea’s, to shift over to clothing.

“We both moved to State Street last spring,” Carl said. “What prompted this is there were lots of people coming in [Linnea’s] and saying, ‘We love this. Do you have it in regular sizes?’ My daughter said, ‘Mom, why don’t you open up a store?’ I said, ‘Okay.’” Carl describes Cat’s Meow Boutique’s offerings from lines such as Fenini, Damee, Comfort USA, Winter Sun, Only USA, Jag Jeans, Whish, Tianello and Produce Company as the kind of clothes for women who like to be noticed “coming and going down the street” and who want to wear something unique.