by Keith T. Barber and Jordan Green

Monitoring the economic pulse of the Triad

Downtown Hownds under new management Holly Anderson, manager of Downtown Hownds , said the unique spelling of the doggy day spa located at 308 Church Court in downtown Greensboro hasn’t changed but the business is operating under new management. Ashley Hanes is the new dog groomer on staff. “Ashley makes it very fun,” Anderson said. “She sings to the dogs and contrary to popular belief, dogs love to be clean.” Anderson is an American Kennel Club certified dog trainer and offers one-on-one classes for dogs and their owners. Anderson said prices are based on breed of dog but a basic groom runs about $75. Day care rates are also on a sliding but the high end is $20 per day for big dogs and $12.50 for a half day. The spacious day care facility gives dogs a chance to bond with other dogs. “I have a rescue dog who is definitely more comfortable with other dogs,” Anderson said. Downtown Hownds is open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. For further info, call 336.274.2468 or visit: — KTB

Thomas Built adds workers to production lines Thomas Built Buses, a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America, announced that 125 employees that had been previously idled will return to the production line in February thanks to a backlog of orders from the state of North Carolina to supply school districts across the state. The High Point-based company produces school buses at five manufacturing facilities across North Carolina.

“In addition to the local employment we provide, there is a ripple effect throughout the Carolinas with every bus we build,” said President and CEO Kelley Platt in a prepared statement. “We buy materials and parts from local suppliers, which employ additional Carolinians.” — JG