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[Business Spotlight] Candit

(Last Updated On: November 14, 2017)

By Jessica Clifford

Candit, a family owned salsa company, began when a few coworkers fell in love with Shanna Withers’s homemade salsa.

Originally, Withers was against selling her salsa because for her, making it was more of a hobby than a job. She soon agreed to the ide and started growing more vegetables. She then began selling her homemade salsa in early spring of 2016. All the vegetables in the salsa are homegrown and organic. If more vegetables are needed then they are purchased from Wetmore Farms in Woodleaf, North Carolina.

“I believe in all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and definitely anti-pesticides,” Withers said.

The name Candit came about as a play on words.

“It kind of comes from ‘I canned it,’ like I canned something, but then it’s also candit as in bandit, as in we steal your tastebuds,” Withers said. “It was short and kind of sweet and we didn’t want anything long or complicated.”

Withers first made two flavors –mild and hot– but people started asking for more various flavors. Her husband, Blake, insisted on pineapple salsa, while her son, Nolan, suggested lime salsa after the family was eating lime-flavored chips.

“He came up with it completely by himself,” Withers said, referring to her son’s suggestion. “Actually, it is really popular, everybody loves the lime.”

Now, Candit offers five kinds of salsa including mild, medium, hot, pineapple and lime. However, Withers is open to expand their selection. Two flavors the family has been wanting to make are tropical or mango-flavored salsa.

“I’m always open to custom orders,” Withers said.

Each jar costs $7, or three can be bought at $20. However, Withers usually advertises special deals on her Facebook page.

Withers mails only one jar at a time, but she can delivers most salsa orders.

Candit will have a website soon, but for now all orders can be  purchased through Facebook messenger, @canditbyshanna or over Withers’ email at canditbyshanna@gmail.com.


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