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[Business Spotlight] Fat Tuesday

(Last Updated On: October 17, 2017)

By: Jessica Clifford

Fat Tuesday is a national and international franchise that began in New Orleans and spread to over 50 locations. The location in downtown Greensboro opened in late July of 2017 and is one of the largest location with 5,000 square-feet both inside and outside, which duals as a daiquiri bar and restaurant. The three co-owners, Wrenchel Stokes, Carlos Rodgers and Timothy “T.J.” Strickland, “always had a love affair with this building,” but it was “years in the making” before they could officially open Fat Tuesday.

“We can’t put ourselves quite in a box,” Strickland said. “We are not quite a bar; we are not quite a restaurant.”

Entering the bar, there is a line of daiquiri drink machines, some flavors are added for special events, while others such as the strongest drink, the 190, are a constant part of their wide variety of flavors. Though Fat Tuesday does not have any weekly drink specials yet, the co-owners said specials will make an appearance soon. However, the venue does have weekly music nights. Every Friday night there is live music and every Saturday a D.J. performs at the location.

The venue also contains a restaurant tucked behind the daiquiri bar, featuring American cuisine. Select favorites by the owners include the sliders, the newly added chicken tenders and basket of chaos fries containing a mix of sweet potato, crinkle, steak and waffle fries. Fat Tuesday also has upcoming events.

On Oct. 21, the bar and restaurant will celebrate the University of North Carolina Greensboro’s homecoming with a party, while also participating in YES! Weekly’s Triad Margarita Wars on the same day. Then on Nov. 18, they will have an Aggie-Eagle Field Weekend for North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University’s biggest rivalry football match.

While trying to describe Fat Tuesday, the co-owners said, “To understand it, you have to come down and experience it.”

“We try to create the feeling that everybody’s welcome,” Strickland said. “The great thing about this place is that when you get in here you get lost for time, you can be here for hours.”

For more information about the venue’s upcoming events and specials follow their Instagram and Snapchat @fattuesdaygso and Facebook @Fattuesdaygso.