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Business Spotlight: The Lounge Sports Bar & Grill

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2017)

A craft cocktail served at “the sports bar with a spa twist.”

Located in the old Sundance Hotel now called the Winston-Salem Hotel and Spa (and by the end of this year, a Best Western Plus), The Lounge Sports Bar & Grill is owned and operated by bar and spa owner Maya Gilliam, restaurateur Shanta Hauser and bar manager Nicolas Morris.

Gilliam said Hauser has been working in the same kitchen that is now The Lounge Sports Bar & Grill for seven years with the hotel’s catering service. Gilliam said a mutual idea of bringing in all of their areas of expertise led to the creation of The Lounge Sports Bar & Grill.

“When I opened my spa in the hotel, we all came together and were just like ‘hey, let’s do this’ and the owners of the hotel really loved the idea, and they also wanted a sports bar because sports sells.”

The trio deemed the joint “the most relaxing place to watch the game.”

Across the hall is Ma’ati Spa, also owned and operated by Gilliam who describes the Lounge Sports Bar & Grill as a “sports bar with a spa twist.”

Gilliam said The Lounge Sports Bar & Grill has a full menu ranging from pub favorites such as potato skins and a mozzarella tower to southern cuisine and soul food items such as shrimp and grits and fried chicken. She said there is another menu aside from the food menu, which adds to the “spa twist” of the sports bar.

Gilliam said patrons could upgrade to the spa twist menu, which includes a cold spa towel with aromatherapy infused in it before the meal.

One of the nine licensed massage therapists will come to a table or a massage chair of the patron’s choosing and give whoever upgraded to the spa twist option a head, neck, forearm and shoulder massage before dinner.

“We do a lot of typing,” she said. “On our phones, the computer we are literally typing all day. But no one focuses on the muscles in their forearms, hands and fingers.”

After dinner, patrons are brought a hot towel infused with aromatherapy, and some ginger tea to sip on. Gilliam said this bar is so different from others because of the spa twist elements and attention to detail, like infused ice cubes to compliment a craft cocktail.

The cost of the spa twist upgrade for the head,neck, shoulder and forearm massage is $25, and each service is only $5 separately. Gilliam said buying extra time is also possible for $2 per extra minute. She said with the full-service spa twist, the massages will likely last about 30 minutes and 10 minutes per individual service.

The Lounge Sports Bar & Grill officially opens on July 29 from noon until 2 a.m. and will host an after party for the Sinbad show. Gilliam said they would celebrate every night of the National Black Theatre Festival with drink specials and live music.

“The week of the festival is basically our opening week,” she said. “We really want people just to come enjoy the food, craft cocktails and really experience this space.”

Gilliam said that one of the organizers of the festival already booked 152 rooms in the hotel. “So, there will be festival goers in the hotel and what better way to begin,” she said.

To view more upcoming events follow The Lounge Sports Bar & Grill on Facebook @TheLoungeSportsBar or visit their website at www.theloungesportsbar.