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[Business Spotlight] Triad Little Brother Brewing

(Last Updated On: December 6, 2017)

Daniel McCoy and Jeff Collie are two little brothers who after years of missing each other, finally connected to create a special drinking establishment in honor of those younger siblings.
Little Brother Brewing, located at 348 S. Elm St., in Greensboro opened Nov. 2 to a lot of rousing cheers, great reviews and fully capturing that “little brother spirit”.
“It’s funny, our paths crossed so many times in our lives, but we just became friends a few years ago,” McCoy said. “[Collie] went to High Point Central and I went to Ragsdale, so we played sports against each other. Then he went to Carolina, and I went to Carolina, and we lived on the same street for a long time and didn’t even know each other.”
As luck would have it, the wives of the pair were out with friends drinking wine one night, and McCoy’s wife heard Collie’s wife mentioning that her husband was looking to open a brewery.
“My wife told me, and I immediately got on the phone and reached out and asked what are you doing, planning and stuff and told him I’d like to be involved,” McCoy said. “We both wanted something small, with a lot going on, live music, etc. That was April 2016.”
The seed was planted, and the pair started talking more and getting to know each other.
“I was out of town and heard that the Idiot Box spot had come open and Jeff called me and said he put our name in and if that I didn’t want to move forward he understood,” McCoy said. “I said no way! That’s an awesome location, and we got the lease, and we are very happy with where we are.”
After securing the lease in October of 2016, they started construction in April of 2017 and opened for business in November.
“Turnout has been strong, and we have been really busy,” Collie said. “People are giving us great comments. We do want to be very experimental and try a bit of everything.“
So far, Little Brother Brewing’s brewmaster Steven Monahan has created an IPA, a Hefferveisen and a stout. Collie said there would be some favorites that will stay and then they will change things up with creative ingredients.
Little Brother Brewing is setting the stage to be something unique and different with a nod to the underdog and little guy thru the eyes and life lessons of its two owners who are themselves, little brothers.
“This is meant to capture that little brother spirit,” McCoy said. “Competing against the bigger kids, having less, trying to keep up even though you may not have the resources of huge companies. We are going for the microbrew environment, home-brewing feel.”
Collie himself has been a home brewer for the past decade and loved the science, the detail and the spirit of the industry.
When asked how they would like to best sum up the way they would like their business to be known, McCoy said he wants it to be the heart of the area. “A place that gives backs and works well with others in the neighborhood,” he said. “Fun for all ages.”
Collie added, “Our tagline is craft your own story. We are building the establishment a lot around storytelling. With our beers, we try to be inspired by stories. Have heart behind everything we do.
Their facebook page, @littlebrotherbrew states, “We’re a small brewery with a unique take. We make great beer utilizing creative ingredients – but that’s not our only focus. We also give amateur homebrewers a studio and a stage to share their craft with the community. We love showcasing hidden talent whether homebrewer or local artisan. This adds flavor by helping us inject a distinctive story into every pour.”
Check the webpage for live music announcements at www.littlebrotherbrew.com, or give them a call at (336) 510-9678.


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