celebrity extra

by Cindy Elavsky

Q: Joan Allen is one of my favorite actresses — I look forward to seeing her in just about anything she is in. What does she have coming up? — Brenda K., via e-mail

A: Joan has a new film coming up on Lifetime Television called “Georgia O’Keeffe,” which is based on the artist’s early life and her tumultuous relationship with husband Alfred Stieglitz, played by Jeremy Irons. The movie premieres Saturday, Sept. 19. I spoke with Joan recently about the movie and asked her how she goes about choosing a role. “I don’t have thousands of offers coming my way,” Joan replied. “I just choose things based on my family, like where do we shoot, when do we shoot and how long. I choose based on liking the overall story, and then I how well do I like the character. Then I’ve got all the surrounding elements, like who’s directing it. And some of it is just sort of luck, whatever comes around at a certain time. “In this business, you have very little control, so I am glad that I can enjoy my life. I love my work, but I don’t need to work back to back to back, because that wouldn’t make me happy.”

Q: I am so happy that the fall television season is here, and I am especially curious about my favorite show, “The Office.” Please tell me that Pam and Jim are going to get married! — Sheri J., Portland, Maine

A: All signs point to yes. My sources tell me that the fun-loving twosome is set to tie the knot in the fourth episode of this season, which is scheduled to air Oct. 8. They’ve gotta do it quick too, before that baby Pam is carrying decides to make its grand entrance!

Q: Demi Moore looks absolutely fabulous. My sister swears that she has had some plastic surgery, but I say no. I think Demi is the real deal. Who’s right? — JJ, via e-mail

A: According to the beautiful star herself, you are correct. The 47-yearold actress recently told Marie Claire magazine: “I’ve never had it [plastic surgery] done. But I would never judge those who have. If it’s the best thing for them, then I don’t see a problem. That said, the day when I start crying when I look at myself in the mirror might be the day when I’m less adamant about not having it done. But for the moment, I prefer to be a beautiful woman of my age than try desperately to look 30.”

Q: Is the movie Heathers going to be remade? I keep hearing rumors that it will. — Jenni J, Port St. Lucie, Fla.

A: In a way, it will be, but not for the big screen. According to Variety, “Heathers” is in development at Fox to become a weekly television series. Stay tuned!

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