celebrity extra

by Cindy Elavsky

celebrity extra

Q: There used to be a policewomen TV drama back in the 1980s called “Lady Blue.” What is the pretty star of the show, Jamie Rose, doing now? — Marvin M., Andrews AFB, Md.

A: I recently talked with Jamie, the 49-year-old redheaded beauty of the 1985 cop series, and asked her what she has been up to lately. “I am still acting,” she said. “My last TV appearances were ‘House’ and the ‘CSI’ crossover episode of ‘Two and a Half Men.’” Jamie has a starring role on a Disney Web series called “In2ition,” and in January, she finished a four-month run of a play in Los Angeles called It’s Just Sex. She’s an acting coach too, operating out of her studio, JRose Studio ( Jamie also is an avid Argentine tango dancer. “Not professionally,” she said, “but it’s my hobby (like Robert Duvall). I love it!”

Q: Is Taylor Swift angry with Kanye West for interrupting her acceptance speech at MTV’s Video Music Awards? I would be! — Sara J., via e-mail

A: The young country-singing starlet is a class act through and through, and holds no ill will toward the rude rapper. After Kanye stormed the stage and announced that Beyonce, not Taylor, should have won the award for Best Female Video (much to Beyonce’s surprise and chagrin), Taylor, 19, acted with grace beyond her years — and apparently beyond Kanye’s capabilities. She told reporters after the awards ceremony: “I don’t know him, and I’ve never met him, so … I don’t want to start anything, because I had a great night tonight.”

Q: Did Ryan O’Neal marry Farrah Fawcett before she passed away? Rumor has it they secretly wed. — H.C. in Alabama

A: While Ryan did propose and Farrah finally accepted his offer of marriage, the couple was unable to follow through. Shortly after accepting his proposal, Farrah’s health took a turn for the worse, and she was never well enough to go through with a ceremony before her death.

Q: I miss Ben Browder and Claudia Black of the “Farscape” and “Stargate- SG1” series. What are they up to now? — John T., Weatherford, Texas

A: Ben, who turns 47 in December, is currently working on a TV miniseries called “Going Homer” for the SyFy Channel. The series will be based on characters from Greek and Roman mythology. Aside from producing it, Ben also is the co-writer along with “Farscape” alumnus Andrew Prowse. There is no word yet on an airdate. Claudia has been doing a lot of video-game voice-over work (“Stolen Life,” “Conan,” “Crysis” and the “Stargate” games), as well as guest starring in a few television series (“Moonlight” and “The Dresden Files”). The multitalented 37-year-old will voice the character of Angelique in the animated movie Rango, which also features the vocal talents of Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Bill Nighy and Abigail Breslin. Look for Rango to hit theaters in spring 2011.

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