Clinton arrogance opens doors for Trump

There is philosophical dispute as to what Diogenes of Sinope sought as he roamed ancient Greek city streets carrying a lamp in the daytime.“I’m looking for one honest man,” Diogenes is reported to have said. Still others claim he was “looking for a human,” since the unreasonable behavior of so many around him seemed to negate their homo sapien status.

I thought about Diogenes and his “quaint little light in hand” earlier today while standing outside of YES! Weekly world headquarters in Adams Farm trying to brainstorm for this column. I wanted to write about hypocrisy and the disconnect between most political rhetoric and the reality of our surroundings.

Perhaps we’re just living in a postmodern simulacrum, a pretense that “bears no relation to any reality whatsoever.”

That’s what the 2016 election cycle feels like to me. The dishonesty and lack of “considering the thing as it is” really hit me in the face last week. It’s bad enough that I’ve spent the majority of 2016 decrying the rise of Donald Trump as the Republican frontrunner, and then writing him off once he took the GOP nomination. With Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee, I figured she would crush him given his penchant for spouting off hateful and ignorant platitudes about entire segments of global society.

But then a few things happened. First, Phyllis Schlafly died and a good half dozen of the liberals I know went ballistic celebrating her death. There’s one liberal former newspaper reporter in town that was practically giddy with delight in his celebration of the death of the 92-year old former attorney and conservative activist. On his blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, there it was, a veritable fiesta of the death of an elderly woman who he disagreed with politically. There was plenty of cheering from his audience, trust me.

Then Sec. Clinton went and said that about 30 million Americans were “a basket of deplorables” in reference to half of the Republican electorate. There’s no doubt that racism, homophobia and hate are alive and well in these Estados Unidos. But it was the height of arrogance for Clinton, ostensibly a former “diplomat”, to write off 30 million of her fellow countrymen. Trump, as one would expect, effortlessly slides this in to his campaign speeches to great effect. It’s as if hubris blinded Clinton to the fact that perhaps many millions more Americans would find her arrogance and condescension offensive.

In fact, I had been closely following the protests surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would come perilously close to Native American treaty lands. After private security contractors let loose attack dogs that bit women and children in plain view of television cameras, I began to track the federal court cases. And when a federal judge denied the Sioux Nation’s request for an injunction I thought for about five seconds that I might be able to vote for Clinton on the issue of judicial nomination alone.

I don’t really care about the “basket of deplorables” comment. I think it was somewhere near the target, but politically ignorant. As the polls have tightened— Clinton has basically blown a six-point lead in the aggregated polls in the last 30 days—it proves correct that her comment was politically damaging. So much so that she later apologized for her lapse.

But then the big one hit. Clinton was seen wobbling as she left the 9-11 memorial ceremony last Sunday. She left in a hurry, breaking several Secret Service protocols along the way. Near collapse, she had to be propped up by staff and two Secret Service agents as they hauled her into a black van. She dropped her shoe and a piece of metal fell out from her pants leg.

I saw the video on Twitter and thought it was a big deal for a presidential nominee to pass out in public and so I shared it to my Facebook timeline. Jesus, was that a mistake.

You see, in liberal parlance, you are allowed to celebrate the death of a 92-year old woman if she was a conservative, but if you deign to discuss the health of Hillary Clinton you are a “hater,” “out of touch” and ripe to be scorned and run the hell out of Dodge. Which is fine, but once the facts came out, more Clinton arrogance and deceit. First we’re told she “overheated.” Then we’re told “she’s dehydrated from working too hard.” It was several hours before they admitted she had been diagnosed with pneumonia earlier in the week and wanted to keep it a secret, lest Trump use it against her. Clinton was photographed a few hours later after receiving medical treatment frolicking with a small child on a New York City sidewalk. Anything for the cameras. Never mind that the disease is contagious.

The Clintons have a long history of deceit and I for one do not relish their return to power. Democrats may choose to ride “Trump is deplorable” all the way to Nov. 8, but I think it’s a losing strategy. Clinton has yet to make clear to younger voters why she is the right candidate and they are flocking to Libertarian and Green candidates in droves. Some in the national political pundit class, if you can trust them, have noted that she’s not reaching young voters in any where near the numbers that President Obama drove to the polls.Trump may be deplorable, but Clinton is certainly awful.

Democrats may fool themselves into thinking that Americans feel an obligation to vote for the lesser of two evils, but take my word for it; we’d prefer one honest human. !