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Colpfest Music Festival 2017

(Last Updated On: August 10, 2017)

GREENSBORO, N.C.– Colpfest Music Festival is a charismatic event that’s going to display harmony among many entrepreneurs of multiple backgrounds. Its mission is to bring purpose to building a foundation within the community of Greensboro upcoming innovative youth artists. Colpfest Music Festival is hosting this event on Aug. 26 in order to bring an awareness of support needed within local Greensboro schools. The owner Calvin Phillips, has put together this festival to raise up to $1,000 in donations. The funds can be manifested into school supplies for two local Greensboro Elementary and Middle Schools. As the upcoming school year approaches, they’ll be able to have an actual sum of supplies enough to help throughout the school year. Performers at Colpfest Music Festival will provide aspects from multiple genres within music and is hosted by Nick “Tune” Hinsley. While attending NC A&T, Tune began interning with 102 Jamz morning show “3 Live Crew”. With Tune’s insane worth ethic and charisma, you can now catch him on-air with 102 Jamz during weekends at various times. Colpfest has sectioned portions of acts based on the type of artist(s): spoken word, rappers/hip-hop, alternative bands, singers, and choreographed dance groups. Such as; Skuzii (Instagram, Twitter), Markis Tillman (Instagram, Twitter,Website ), Cody Daniel (Instagram), Šhantęl Sole (Instagram), Kado Dupré (Instagram), Jessica Marie (Instagram), RAW, and many others. Colpfest Music Festival takes place Aug. 26 at LeBauer Park, located at 208 Davie Street Greensboro from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. Link for the event is listed here. 

Colpfest will be free however entry will be either any donations of school supplies or any monetary donation.

Vendors attending this event will be from many avenues of Greensboro and few others from out of state such as: Millennial Hand Painting Designer – Pish Posh (@pish___posh), A Prestige Label for Entertainment & Merchandise Fly Mafia (@flymafiaempire), Positive Thinking & Lifestyle Brand Intellectual Fashion (intellectual.fashion) and other motivating creatives. Beer will be provided by Ghassan’s & Nomo’s and sweets for the heat will be provided by them as well.

Colpfest Music Festival’s end goal is aimed to become an annual event to help bring awareness to the talent manifested in Greensboro. In order, that the city can become the profound hotspot scene in Triad Area as well, as all of North Carolina.

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