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Duo Overcomes Personal Tragedy And Dire Health Setbacks To Rock Again.

Greensboro, NC:  MurderAnn, one of the south‘s premier musical comedy acts, is proud to announce its inclusion in the prestigious Greensboro Fringe Festival.   Described as “Tenacious D, but weirder” and dangerous” and known for their chaotic performances and comedic banter, MurderAnn will perform at Greensboro‘s City Arts Center  Jan. 27-28.

It‘s been a rough year and a half for North Carolina Rock/Comedy act MurderAnn.  First, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Phoenix Mangus fell ill with a near-fatal liver infection.  Next came the abrupt and painful dissolution of Mangus’ marriage to his partner of 12 years.  Then, just as things seemed to be approaching normalcy, bassist/vocalist Soylent Ape was stricken with a rare condition that necessitated the amputation of part of his foot.  Given the string of almost perfectly-timed calamities, MurderAnn has not performed live in over a year.

The Fringe Festival presents a fresh new challenge to a band with a reputation for outrageous physical comedy: how to uphold that reputation when one of the group is confined to the wheelchair.  “I got my wheelchair the day we learned we‘d been selected for the festival,” noted Ape.  “I thought, ‘How am I going to make this work?'”  Fans of the band‘s trademark live energy shouldn‘t be worried, though. “I‘m sure Phoenix can ratchet-up his already manic levels of energy to compensate for my constraint.  Also, I am working on ways to get a little crazy in the chair.  I don‘t want to give too much away, but suffice it to say that just because I can‘t stand up yet doesn‘t mean I have to stay in the chair.”   “We feel that, with this performance, we have something to prove—to ourselves and to those who have supported and believed in us“ notes Mangus, “that we can still deliver all the entertainment we could before.”

MurderAnn will be performing at the Steven D. Hyers Theatre in the City Arts Center (200 n. Davie St., Greensboro) on January 28-29, along with the Vaudevillian pyrotechnic act Fabulous Fitzkee‘s Fanatical Fun.  Donations will be accepted at the door.