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Curtis Rice: Seven Steps to Rebuild

Curtis Rice
(Last Updated On: February 21, 2017)

Curtis Rice

Author Curtis Rice is spreading motivation through his book, Rebuild.

“It’s seven steps to build a better you,” said Rice. “Step one is laying a strong foundation because no matter how much you try to rebuild, if the foundation isn’t strong, eventually a couple years down the road your life will crumble because you didn’t deal with the pain of your past.”

In Rebuild, Rice writes about how to better yourself. His book focuses on steps such as seeing the vision of what you want to become, of making an inner circle of supportive friends and examining yourself to get rid of bad habits.

Rebuild was born from experience. The idea for the book started in 2012 when Rice’s younger brother got into a car accident.

“When I got to the hospital, when I walked into the door, it felt like depression sunk in on me,” said Rice. “It’s because that’s the same hospital that my mother died in when I was 10. It’s the same hospital that my father died in when I was 17, he was murdered, shot 10 times. All of that just sunk in all at the same time.

“He (my brother) made it through and was in the nursing home for the next four years of his life. It was a struggle sending him to a nursing home because he was young; he was 25 when the accident happened. I was still struggling with my parents dying when I was at a young age. I just remember sitting on the couch and prayed and asked God to help me. That’s were Rebuild was born from. I just give seven steps that I rebuild from, that help me overcome all those dark moments.”

Rice loves the feedback he has gotten since his book was published in January.

“Long testimonials like ‘I’m in the rebuilding stage and I needed to hear this’ and ‘I feel like giving up on life and your book has helped me.’ That’s the most rewarding part, writing and I’m able to help someone else walk through their dark moments and their dark days.”

For the future, Rice plans to always motivate people. He currently works as a Pastor at Capstone Church.

While Rice faced the challenge of opening doors of his past by writing the book, he also felt that the book brought him healing.

“I’m able to wake up the next morning and say ‘Hey Curtis, today is a good day to rebuild.’”

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