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Devon Smith: Creative State of Mind

Devon Travern Smith
(Last Updated On: February 8, 2017)

Devon Travern Smith

Devon Smith has always been into creativity and will soon celebrate that passion with his upcoming documentary, CreativeNC. Today he works in New York with inventive minds that have inspired him since he worked as a student at UNCG.

“When I graduated I realized I was out in the world and I was like ‘Am I really going to pursue things that I don’t really love?’” said Smith. “I was in control of my life now and I wanted to do something creative.”

After graduating, Smith created a blog that evolved into an online magazine called Infinite Minds.

“I would just interview different creative people who were able to acknowledge their passion and build a life or career around it,” said Smith. “I would print physical issues of the magazine and sell it out of my truck to the customers and to my friends.”

Through interviewing musicians, poets and artists, Smith realized there was a whole culture of people who were similar to him.

“So many of us had dope ideas and incredible things we wanted to do,” he said. “But we didn’t know where to go get funds or what resources were available and we were just trying to make it from a place like North Carolina.”

The curiosity to find others like himself is what made Smith set out to direct his documentary.

“When I started CreativeNC, it was tough. I lost my job. I had to move out of my apartment and had to throw everything in my apartment in the dumpster. I travelled to New York to find work while I was shooting the documentary and took the bus back and forth to North Carolina.”

Now CreativeNC is a one hour and four minute documentary that will be released on March 18. A screening will be shown at North Carolina’s Museum of History in Raleigh. There will also be a mini conference to help teach creative minds how to grow a business from their imagination.

“For CreativeNC, I definitely want to make a yearly thing and grow it into some sort of festival or a bigger conference where we could bring entertainers and really empower the state of North Carolina,” said Smith. “We have such a crazy market there with so many colleges and two of the fastest cities that are growing in the country that are three hours away from each other.”

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