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Devon Smith: Happy Behind the Camera

(Last Updated On: April 18, 2017)


Not even a full year into his job as a producer with the Greensboro Television Network, Devon Smith has won a Telly Award for his work.

“The Telly Awards is a national competition and recognizes excellence in broadcast production in local, regional and cable TV commercials,” wrote Jake Keys with the City of Greensboro.

“This is the first Telly Award for Smith and the 32nd award won by GTN since 2000.”

Smith won his Telly Award for Zoning Man.

“We got a video request from our zoning neighborhood development department and they wanted to help residents understand the zoning process,” Smith said. “So we tried to think of funny, friendly, but kind of cheesy-type things too.

“So we came up with a superhero called Zoning Man. It took a couple weeks, we wrote out a script and we took a half a day to shoot it and took some time putting it together. I thought it would be cool to kind of put a comic book feel to it.”

The first time Smith wanted to work with TV and film was in the sixth grade.

“I went to a teacher/parent conference for my older brother and sister. The high school that we all went to had a TV program and I remember I just fell in love with all the gadgets.

“I spent the next three years of my life through middle school thinking that I wanted to be a lawyer until I saw a camera again. I was like ‘No, that’s what I’ve been wanting to do.’ I followed my dreams. I want to North Carolina A&T and graduated about two years ago with a mass communications degree.”

Today, Smith says his inspiration for everything he does is for his family, especially his baby son and fiancé.

“It also wasn’t all me. Mike Kirkman and the zoning department were very hands on; and I had a ton of help from our other producers, Carlos Castellanos…and Josh Johnson. Lastly, thank you to David Brown the station’s supervisor for the opportunity to be a part of GTN.”

Smith hopes in the long-term that he may one day be the CEO of a production company.

“I just want to stay in my lane, and as long as I’m behind the camera, I’m happy.”

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