wednesday, 11.4

Arizona Pete’s (G): Line Dance Lessons Black Pearl (G): Jazz Blind Tiger (G): Ladies Night With Walrus & The Hall Monitors, Ladies Free Breakers Club & Sports Bar (G): Karaoke w/ Sam the Man, College Night Club Odyssey (W-S): DJ Tyson Club Triangle (HP): DJ Lotta Noize, College Night Clubhouse (G): Open Mic Blues Jam Cooper’s Ale House (G): Live Acoustic Rock & Blues, College Night, Evan Olsen FlatIron (G): Jazz Foothills Brewing (W-S): Jamie Carroll Garage, The (W-S): Will Scott, Band of Heathens Greene St (G): Badfish, A Tribute to Sublime; Scotty Don’t, Cool Kid Collective Ham’s Lakeside (G): Tracy Thornton, Steel Drummer on the Patio J Butler’s (New Garden): Karaoke Much (G): Astanza Project N Club (G): DJ A.C., College Night Wild Wings Café (W-S): Karaoke

thursday, 11.5

6th & Vine (W-S): DJ SK CFBG (G): Local Jam Session Churchill’s (G): The UpperlineUp Jazz Jam Club 64 (A-Boro): Karaoke & Beach Music Club Odyssey (W-S): DJ Tyson Clubhouse (G): College Night Cooper’s Ale House (G): Karaoke Finnigan’s Wake (W-S): Grizzly Panda Garage, The (W-S): Pop Music Quiz Green’s Supper Club (G): Karaoke Bike Night Ham’s High Point Rd (G): Karaoke McPherson’s (G): Kris Ferris, Keith Berkhart Much (G): DJ 818 Rider’s in the Country (G): Karaoke w/ Keith Sidelines Sports Grill (HP): Karaoke w/ Billy Wilde Tate Street Coffee (G): Jazz Jam Tee Time Sports & Karaoke (W-S): Karaoke Warehouse 29 (G): Latin Music Night Wild Wings Café (W-S): Vampire Hollywood

friday, 11.6

Artistika Night Club (G): College Night Blind Tiger (G): Sanctum Sully Burke Street Pub (W-S): DJ Kenny C Carolina Theatre (G): American Revival Club 64 (A-Boro): Dirty Surprise Club Odyssey (W-S): DJ Bill, DJ Rockhard Clubhouse (G): The Last Hour Elliott’s Revue (W-S): Kavish/The Discount Heros Finnigan’s Wake (W-S): Regal Sloan FlatIron (G): Al Neese/Scott Adair Jazz Project Garage, The (W-S): Paul Burch w/ Memphis Jimmy Davis & The Doc Marshalls Greene St (G): The Urban Sophisticates, The Grilled Lincolns Ham’s High Point Rd (G): Karaoke J Butler’s (New Garden): Clay & Benji McPherson’s (G): DJ and Karaoke with Todd White Much (G): DJ 818

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N Club (G): DJ A.C. Noma (W-S): DJ Plum Krazy’s (G): Dam Fino Band Raven (B):Koozie Rider’s in the Country (G): Collision Rodie’s Tavern (K): Live DJ Soundvent (T): Flight for a Pacifist, Aurora Observatory, Jenfek, Your Future’s Sake Tailgator’s Bar & Billiards (G): Katelyn Marks Tate Street Coffee (G): Micah Auler Tee Time Sports & Karaoke (W-S): Karaoke Thirsty’s 2 (G): The Partime Partytime Band Tipsy’z Tavern (HP): Patrick Baxley Wild Wings Café (W-S): Cookie Winestyles (G): David Lin

saturday, 11.7

Artistika Night Club (G): Latin Night Blind Tiger (G): Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band Burke Street Pub (W-S): DJ Kenny C Club 64 (A-Boro): Johnny & The Cadillacs Club Odyssey (W-S): DJ Bill, DJ Tyson Clubhouse (G): 90 Proof Cooper’s Ale House (G): The 5 Gallon Groove Elliott’s Revue (W-S): The Essex Finnigan’s Wake (W-S): Jerry Chapman FlatIron (G): The Alcazar Hotel & Pinche Gringo Foothills Brewing (W-S): Children of Karma Garage, The (W-S): The New Familiars w/ The Pierce Edens Band Green’s Supper Club (G): DJ Ham’s High Point Rd (G): Karaoke Liberty Showcase (L): “Remember When” Featuring The Majestics McPherson’s (G): DJ and Karaoke with Todd White N Club (G): DJ Deluxe Noma (W-S): DJ Plum Krazy’s (G): Soul Patch Raven (B): Walt Atkins, Holy Hell, The Hangovers, Instant Jones, Kings & Queens, Anonymous Rider’s in the Country (G): Collision Somewhere Else Tavern (G): Fluwid, Agony Drags On, A Road Eternal, A Light Divided, Downside Dead, Silence the Heretic Soundvent (T): Lewis vs Clark, Goliath, Battle of Antietam, To Recover Amory, xHonorx, Safe in the Arms Tailgator’s Bar & Billiards (G): Ledneck Tate Street Coffee (G): Expresso Brazil & Friends Tee Time Sports & Karaoke (W-S): Karaoke Thirsty’s 2 (G): DJ Vivian Weaver Tipsy’z Tavern (HP): DJ Doc Walker’s Bar (G): Al Neese & Scott Adair Jazz Project Warehouse 29 (G): Saturday Nite Dance Wild Wings Café (W-S): Brent Cates Band Winestyles (G): Substentz Acoustic

sunday, 11.8

Blind Tiger (G): Snuzzfest West Cooper’s Ale House (G): Karaoke Ham’s Lakeside (G): Jazz Night on the Patio

Sidelines Sports Grill (HP): Karaoke w/ Billy Wilde Thirsty’s 2 (G): DJ Jim Wayne Wahoo’s (G): Live Music

monday, 11.9

Blind Tiger (G): Open Band Jam, Backline Provided Wahoo’s (G): Patrick Rock & Walru

tuesday, 11.10

Blind Tiger (G): College/Local Band Night Clubhouse (G): Acoustic Open Mic Cooper’s Ale House (G): Karaoke Elliott’s Revue (W-S): Ventricles/Attached Hands/Ear Pwr FlatIron (G): Open Mic Night Garage, The (W-S): Colin Allured’s Forsyth County Dance Band w/ Small Town Gossip Greene St (G): Bayside, Jonas Sees in Color, Down on Luck, Nugget Tipsy’z Tavern (HP): DJ Doc Wild Wings Café (W-S): Live Acoustic