extended PLAY

by Jordan Green



The Brasil Guitar Duo performs at Winston-Salem University’s Dillard Auditorium on Wednesday. Somewhat more lowbrow, Mississippi’s Dark Knights of Camelot surface at Elliott’s Revue. Ahead of her Shakori Hills festival debut, Durham’s Aimee Argote brings her band Des Ark to Square One, at the corner of Glenwood Avenue and Grove Street in the Glenwood section of Greensboro on Wednesday. The bill also includes Pygmylush, Turboslut and to Harrow. On the more official indie-rock tip, WUAG and WQFS present Health, Picture Planes and Fiasco at Greene Street, while bluesman Joe Bonamassa appears at the Carolina Theatre. The Kyle Colina Jazz Duet works out at the Hideout Bar in Winston-Salem on Thursday. Back in Gate City, Oregon’s Blind Pilot and the local Citified double down at Studio B in Greensboro on Thursday. The Sam Robinson Band sizzles at the Blind Tiger, while the Dotmatrix Project presents Universal Mathematics and Mr. Rozzi at the Green Burro. A Light Divided, Across My Eyes and Sound Syndrum appear with Austria’s My Glorious at the Soundvent in Thomasville on Friday. The rockabilly-flavored Dirty Dogs get running at the Hideout Bar in Winston-Salem on Friday. Soul-jazz pianist and vocalist Les McCann and friends appear at NC A&T University’s Harrison Auditorium in Greensboro on Friday. Old Stone Revue plays the Blind Tiger. Carry the Wounded, God’s Offspring and Missions worship at Caf’ Jam. On a more profane tip, Soul Stalkaz, Gillotine, Body Bags, Nightmare Sonata and 7 Day Sorrow raise hell at the Soundvent on Saturday. Clarence Carter’s “Slip Away” may be one of the most powerful soul songs ever, although there is grumbling that its similarities to lesser-known soul cuts from the same era barely keep it from qualifying as plagiarism. Carter’s other big song, “Strokin’” is a total embarrassment. If nostalgia or curiosity moves you, check out Carter and Hip Pocket at Hollywood Hollow in Lawsonville on Saturday. My Glorious continues its tour of the Southland with an appearance at Elliott’s Revue in Winston- Salem with NCM on Saturday. The Greensboro Peace & Justice Network celebrates its 10 YES! WEEKLY: MARCH 25-31, 2009 : 47 th anniversary on Saturday with an all-day conference capped with a concert by Austin, Texas folkie Eliza Gilkyson at Presbyterian Church of the Covenant on Saturday. Earlier in the day, Gilkyson’s husband, the author and activist Robert Jensen will speak. Hope For Agoldensummer shows up at the Green Bean on Saturday, following a live in-studio performance at WUAG 103.1 FM. Our Horse Jethro shares the stage. Thacker Dairy Road hosts the party at the Blind Tiger. Malebogia, Deterioration, Created to Kill, Bloodsoaked, Bile Nephrosis and Volsung seethe at Somewhere Else Tavern. Greensboro troubadour Bruce Piephoff appears at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant in Greensboro on Sunday, March 29. Piephoff turns 60 the day before. Cakes of Light, Viking Moses and the Darnell Woodies work their magic at the Werehouse in Winston-Salem on March 31. Back in Greensboro, the Tim Betts Band Trio blasts out the month of March at Blind Tiger.