extended PLAY

by Jordan Green

Tickets are available for Demi Lovato, who performs at the Greensboro Coliseum on July 29, at The UNCG Wind Ensemble performs at Aycock Auditorium on Wednesday. Visit www. for information on all UNCG concerts this week. House of Fools and Jonathan Timber are listed at Pig Pickins’ in Winston-Salem on Thursday; Tiny Meteors, Bolmongani, Ezeetiger and Silver Hill Mine converge on the Werehouse; and Backyard Tea presides at Elliott’s Revue.

The Jazz Band performs at UNCG’s Music Building on Thursday. Other notable Gate City sound happenings on Thursday: The Dotmatrix Project presents Filthybird and Albina Savoy at the Green Burro, 6 Day Bender goes on a tear at the Blind Tiger; and the Rev. John DeLore and Our Horse Jethro join forces at the Green Bean. Resort to Killing, the Calamity Jane, WoodHead, Suki-t and Stronghold Creator maintain a juggernaut at the Soundvent in Thomasville on Friday. Vetiver transplants from its home base in San Francisco to the Werehouse in Winston-Salem on Friday, with nourishing help from Distrails and Jew(s) and Catholic(s). Bob Malone and Ken Mickey share duties for first shift at the Garage on Friday, while Corduroy Road and Mic Harrison & the High Score provide reinforcement on second. Easybake smokes up at Elliott’s Revue across the street. The Woodwind Chamber Music recital goes down at UNCG’s Music Building on Friday. Boy guitar bands invade Greene Street in Greensboro on Friday, with Farewell leading the charge in front of infantry muscle provided by And Then There Were None, a Clerestory, Vice on Victory and the Arrival. Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band shakes it at the Blind Tiger on Friday. Good shows abound in Greensboro on Friday, May 1, the workers’ holiday: Benj-O- Matic cranks up at the Maya Art Gallery, and Milltown, Firelight Saga and Kristen Leigh share billing at Solaris, while J. Neas, Jason Marc Pierce and Stephen Corbett provide music to accompany films by Pierce and Ioanis Batsios Jr. at Lyndon Street Artworks. The King Bees get their mojos workin’ at Zion Bar & Grille. Filth on D3mand, the Virus Twins, the Body Bags and DJ Poe explore the dark side at Somewhere Else Tavern, while HeRose brings the light to Café Jam. The third annual Lake Reidsville Music Festival goes down Saturday in Eden with Southern Klass, Kris Ferris, Andrea Reese, Bill Koontz, Jonny Colley, the Backwoods Band, Milltown, the Greg Phairas Band, the Bill Ely Band, Kristina Kidd, Bret Hart & the Vertebrates, the Dane Corum Band and Brother Ron & the Supreme Heirs. Visit www. for more information. Alise-D Millionaires, Teradactyl and Order of Chaos converge on the Soundvent on Saturday. The Toccatatones, High Point University’s male a capella group, performs at the Hayworth Fine Arts Building on Saturday. The Garage hosts Dos Del Sleaze, a battle royale pitting the Malamondos against Gojira X, Pinche Gringo, the Butchers and the Palm Readers on Saturday. The Carolina Pops presents Hot! Hot! Hot! featuring Latin music by Victor Vancore at Greensboro’s War Memorial Auditorium on Saturday. Quarter-finals of Triad Idol take place at the Masonic Temple in Greensboro on Saturday and Sunday, May 3. The Greensboro Symphony Pops performs at War Memorial Auditorium on Saturday. Some interesting stuff you might want to check out: the Alcazar Hotel and Eating the Invaders at the Flatiron on Saturday. Live music is back at the Westerwood Tavern, and the Leeves and S. Burns plug in and opt out on Saturday. Burley is always doing some kind festival at the Somewhere Else Tavern. That means more than three bands on the lineup.

Sasquatch Fest features There Will Be Blood, the Reaping, the Lineage, Betray Your Own, Labyrinth, xHonorx, We Live After the Fight and To the Gallows on Saturday. The contemporary chamber players join the spring choral concert at UNCG’s Aycock Auditorium on Saturday. Sworn Enemy, For the Fallen Dreams, Abacabb, Suffokate, Thick As Blood, xHonorx and Joe Grizzley go berzerk at Club Rain in Greensboro on Sunday, May 3. Johnny Corndawg, Cakes of Light, Tavo Carbone and Small Pox & the New Vaccine play on a school night at the Werehouse on May 4. The symphony orchestra performs at UNCG’s Aycock Auditorium on May 4. Pack AD, Cakes of Light and Shake It Like A Caveman rock Cinco de Mayo at the Garage on May 5, while Guta provides the ceremony over in Gate City at the Blind Tiger.