extended PLAY

by Jordan Green

Holy Hell & the Hangovers appear at Brewballs in Burlington on Wednesday. Kris Ferris plays a noonday concert at Center City Park in Greensboro on Wednesday, and Chuck Folds and Steve Williard turn up later in the afternoon at City View Apartments. 44 Love and Shane Key perform in the parking lot beside the clock tower in Thomasville on Thursday. Doco and Fayuca double up at Elliott’s Revue in Winston-Salem on Thursday. The Band of Oz gives beach music to the masses at Festival Park in Greensboro on Thursday. Also in the Gate City on Thursday: Mama’s Love lavishes itself on the Blind Tiger, and Milltown and Tommy Two Bolt work the Green Burro. A Light Divided, Scarred Remembrance and Man Eating Machine turn up the volume at the Zu Bar in Asheboro on Friday, and Resort to Killing gets serious at the Soundvent in Thomasville. The UNC School of the Arts Grand Symphony Orchestra and the school’s Philharmonia perform at the Stevens Center in downtown Winston-Salem on Friday, while Justin & the Cosmics appear at Elliott’s Revue. Keyshia Cole, the Dream, Keri Hilson and Bobby V dazzle fans at the Greensboro Coliseum on Friday. Mercy Mercedes, Belson, Left on Cates, Ailyne, Nugget and Divided by Friday provide a package show not in Buffalo but at Greene Street, Our Horse Jethro rides into the Flatiron, Joe Next Door shows up at Tate Street Coffee. A Sunset Mourning, Siege the City, Resort to Killing, Beards & Bats and Resist converge on the Soundvent on Saturday. GT Summerlin works his songcraft at the Dan River Coffee House in Madison on Saturday, and singer-songwriter Kristen Leigh works Bistro 150 in Oak Ridge. Return the Hero, Though He Slay Me, the Heel the Serpent and Shotgun Saints raise money for Christian mission trips at 1919 Surret Drive in High Pont on Saturday. Elvis impersonator Travis Ledoyt swivels his hips at the Stevens Center on Saturday. Ramseur Records recording artists Frontier Ruckus and Samantha Crain appear at the Garage in Winston-Salem on Saturday. Jence works Tailgators Bar & Billiards. Lamb Handler from Charlotte gigs at Elliott’s Revue. Reasonable facsimiles of Black Sabbath, Elvis, Neil Diamond and the Jam appear at the Blind Tiger as part of Joe G’s Cover Band Explosion on Saturday. Blood Trails leaves evidence at Somewhere Else Tavern. Slinky Face and the Raving Knaves co-bill at the Flatiron. Dreamkiller works out at Rush Fitness Complex. And the Dockside Band carries on the beach party at the Green’s Supper Club. The Felice Brothers serenade the Garage on Sunday, May 24. Greene Street opens its doors for FreedomFest on May 24, with sets by the Ascendicate, Curse Your Name, From This Day, a Light Divided, Deadstar Blues, Bloodline Severed, 3 Quarters Dead, Six Foot Orchard and Black Rose Mourning. Casual Curious, the Dewar Brothers, Darkest Part of the Woods, Most Excellent Fortress and Tongues convene at Square One in Greensboro, an underground club that has finally joined the 21 st century and put up a website. Earth Crisis, Walls of Jericho, Reign Supreme, Blood Stands Still, Advent, Deathblow, Not Without Resistance and Out of Hand perform at Club Oasis in Winston-Salem on May 25, according to the most reliable intelligence. Lawyers, Guns & Money indulge their vices at Fisher’s Grille in Greensboro on May 26, while Irvine gets its big break at the Blind Tiger. And the FUSS, Cold Tony and New Jersey’s FSOD work the magic trade at the Maya Art Gallery on May 26.