extended PLAY

by Jordan Green

Instant Jones of Burlington was scheduled to be in the studio recording its next album on Sunday.

Country Dan Collins hosts the Wednesday open mic at the Garage in Winston-Salem, while Shiela Klinefelter and Tim Buffington host the Wednesday blues jam at the Clubhouse in Greensboro. Caleb Caudle & the Bayonets take a stab at the Maya Gallery on Tate Street in Greensboro on Thursday. Caudle promises to have copies of the band’s long-awaited new album on hand. Watership Down and Rachel Loebs appear together at the Blind Tiger. And Stan Atwell, Mike Thomas and Terry VunCannon host the Thursday blues jam at the Flatiron on Thursday. Steel drummer Tracy Thornton coaxes the pans at Steak Street in High Point on Friday. Pulse plays the Soundvent in Thomasville on Friday. Ain’t Misbehavin’, starring Ruben Studdard, runs at Greensboro’s War Memorial Auditorium on Friday and Saturday. Joey Whitaker appears at WineStyles at the Shops at Friendly Center in Greensboro on Saturday. And Decyfer Down and Layden are co-billed at Café Jam. In Winston-Salem, the Malamandos, Lamb Handler and Up With the Jones share billing at the Garage. Across the street, Pacifico turns up at Elliott’s Revue. Across My Eyes, Skywire, Left on Cates and 21 Differences rage at the Soundvent on Saturday. The Freddy Cole Quartet works the High Point Theatre on Saturday. Jeffrey Dean Foster, pride of Winston-Salem, appears with Athens, Ga. songwriter Liz Durrett at the Werehouse in Camel City on Saturday. Stratocruiser, Box Wine and Benj- O-Matic go toe to toe at the Garage. And Pure Fiyah and Lion Tracks appear at Club Oasis in Winston-Salem on Saturday. Country rocker Jody Lee Petty plays Greene Street in Greensboro on Saturday. The Radials, Project Tritium and Mystkdog converge on the Flatiron. Eating the Invaders appears at the Green Bean. Man Eating Machines, Fight for a Pacifist, S. Burns and Blood Trails do the grunt work at Somewhere Else Tavern. Hot Politics funks up the Blind Tiger. The 5 Man Jesus Band proseletyzes at Café Jam. Bill West appears at WineStyles at the Shops at Friendly Center. Punk rock remains underground: Big Attack from Pennsylvania joins locals the Nondenoms, Queen Anne’s Revenge and the Leeves at the Chapman House garage at the intersection of Chapman and Brice streets in Greensboro on Saturday. The 70s Soul Jam stokes nostalgia at Greensboro’s War Memorial Auditorium with the Manhattans, the Stylistics, Heatwave and the Main Ingredient featuring Cuba Gooding Sr. on Sunday, Jan. 18. Layden, Bannister and Amnesty Evermore burn the religious rock flame at Pleasant Garden Baptist Church in Pleasant Garden on Jan. 18, while the Harlem Gospel Choir pursues a more traditional expression of spirituality at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro. Shiela Klinefelter, Chuck Cotton and Terry VunCannon host the Sunday blues jam at Zion Bar & Grille in Greensboro, while Bubba Klinefelter and Tim Buffington host the Monday blues jam at the Red Lion in High Point. Fiddler Alan Jabbour and banjoist Ken Perlman perform an evening of American old-time music at the UNCG School of Music Organ Hall on Jan. 20. Call 336.334.4849 or visit for more information. Sweet Dreams and GHB serenade guests at the black-tie Piedmont Inaugural Ball at the Galleria Events Center at 1325 S. Eugene St. in Greensboro on Jan. 20. For more information, call 336.272.1115 or visit