extended play

by Jordan Green

extended play

Holy Hell & the Hangovers works out at Brewballs in Burlington on Wednesday. Caleb Caudle & the Bayonets, the Lonely H and Country Dan Collins anchor the mid-week night at the Garage in Winston-Salem, while Jerry Chapman presides at Foothills Brewing. Clay Howard & Benjy Johnson provide a midday respite at Center City Park in Greensboro on Wednesday. EMF Faculty and special guests Andrew Willis and Henry Lebedinski perform Bach’s Brandenburg Concerti at First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro on Wednesday. Hey Monday, This Providence, the Friday Night Boys, Stereo Skyline and the Bigger Lights gang up at Green Street Club — also in Greensboro, of course — on Wednesday. Peter’s Shadow, Rising From the Ashes and Walking Edith Park converge on the Soundvent in Thomasville on Thursday. Simplified plays an outdoor concert at Corpening Plaza in Winston-Salem on Thursday. And the Saving Graces and the Successful Failures surface at the Garage. Bright Sheng conducts an Eastern Music Festival Young Artists Series concert featuring flautist Les Roettges performing Shostakovich, Bright Sheng and Tchaikovsky at Guilford College’s Dana Auditorium in Greensboro on Thursday. Lost in the Trees appears with Rachel Loebs at the Blind Tiger. The hard-working Holy Hell & the Hangovers rock Red Bull Tavern in Burlington on Friday. Left on Cates, Kaustic, Pivot, By Morning, We Are Masked and Drive She Said plug in and turn it up at the Raven in Burlington on Friday. Getting back to Winston-Salem, Rose’s Pawn Shop, the bo-stevens and 500 Miles to Memphis erect a roots-rock tripod at the Garage on Friday. Matt Hill & the Buzzkillz work 6 th & Vine, and TS Leach appears at Elliott’s Revue. In Greensboro, Jose-Luis Novo conducts an Eastern Music Festival Young Artists Series concert featuring

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