extended play

by Jordan Green

Blues players may register online for the Piedmont Blues Preservation Society Blues Challenge at Solo/duo acts compete on Sept. 20, and bands compete on Oct. 18 at Zion Bar & Grille. Donna Hughes performs a noontime concert at Center City Park in Greensboro on Wednesday. The Carolina Chamber Symphony Players perform “Summer Music” at the Jon Kuhn Studio Gallery in Winston-Salem on Thursday. Decoration Ghost, Sin Tax and Joshua West experiment with nuclear physics the Green Burro in Greensboro on Thursday. Across My Eyes, a Light Divided, Nocturnal Sun, Elisium and Str8jackit plug in and rock out at the Soundvent in Thomasville on Friday. Eric Essex performs at Corpening Plaza in Winston-Salem on Friday. The Husbians reunited for a show with the Sugar Hill Gang at the Garage. Cakes of Light, the New Heaven & the New Earth and Ultimate Optimist con- verge at the Werehouse on Friday. The Leeves, S. Burns, SwitchBlade 85, the Raving Knaves, Cold Tony, the Fuss and Mutant League commit subversive acts at CFBG, on Chapman Street in Greensboro, on Friday. Simplified breaks it down at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro on Saturday. Alise d-Millionaires, RTK and Atlantic Skyline reach for the perfect trifecta of noise at the Soundvent on Saturday. The Carolina Chamber Symphony Players perform “Carolina Scrapbook: A Family Concert” at 11 a.m. and “Tango!” at 7:30 p.m. at the Old Salem Visitors Center in Winston-Salem on Saturday. The Martha Bassett Band performs at the intersection of 6 th and Trade streets. Pillow fights ensue at “Pajama-Rama,” a sleep-over with Les Honkie, More Tonkie, Pinche Gringo, the Leeves, Silver Bullet and the Malamondos at the Garage. House of Fools, Farewell, Jonas Sees In Color, J Timber, En Serenade, Sundrone, AFICA-NX, Pilots, Funny Like a Funeral and Nugget perform for the Snakes Eat Rats clothing and art launch party at Bar 40 in Greensboro on Saturday. “Smithsonian Summer Saturday,” a showcase of North Carolina’s musical roots, features the Carolina Chocolate Drops, the Apple Chill Cloggers

and the Hushpuppies outside of the Greensboro Historical Museum on Saturday. Eugene Chadbourne returns to Maya Art Gallery. The Humms, Pinche Gringo and Nervous Habits appear at My Favorite Things Records. Melva Houston and Knights of Soul perform at Barber Park in Greensboro on Sunday, Aug. 30. Hot Pink Flamingos and Latin Rio pair off at Center City Park. Here Comes a Black Cloud joins 3 Brained Robot at Maya Art Gallery.