extended play

by Ryan Snyder

It’s prime holiday season. Do you know where your music scene is? The same place you should be; celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, the winter solstice or, for the Satanists, the Grand High Climax with family and friends. Sure, they all start to get annoying after a while and there’s only so much sweet-potato pie you can eat. Then there are times where you just want to be a Scrooge, so luckily there are scant few shows on this week’s agenda.

Starting with tonight, Walrus and the Hall Monitors do the usual at the Blind Tiger. Moving to Thursday, Greene Street Club forgets that college students have families and throws a Christmas Eve College Night party with DJ Dominic. The Blind Tiger plays up the holiday pretense with an X-Mas Eve Party of their own. Bad news for their employees, however, as the Blind Tiger is open for business on Christmas day also with a performance by Thacker Dairy Road.

C’mon guys, even WalMart closes on Christmas.

Live music picks back up on Boxing Day (Canada) with a sureto-please gig by House of Fools at Greene Street Club, while the Garage reopens with Possum Jenkins, Wafer Thin and Joe the Fireman. Over at the Blind Tiger, Walrus plays with Evan Olson and Lube, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Terrance & the Tall Boys and Tim Poovey play Saturday night at Elliot’s Revue, while Empty Pocket sums up my post-holiday financial status at the Clubhouse. On Sunday, something called Peedueter Fest is going on at the Flatiron. From Google: Your search – peedueter fest – did not match any documents.

Finally, in a shameless attempt to meet a word count, the Urban Sophisticates’ own Benton James is booking shows at Greene Street Club and is seeking promotional interns. Holla.