extended play

by Ryan Snyder

extended play by Ryan Snyder

The holiday season is finally past us and we have an entire year of great music for which to look forward. The only problem is, it doesn’t really start this week. Most venues are backing into the new decade and others aren’t even booking for this week. With that said here’s what’s going on in the Triad.

Thursday is relatively quiet, with only the regular jazz jam at Tate Street Coffee to speak of.

There’s a big hip-hop show at Greene Street Club with Ed E Ruger, Liquid Sun and Guilty County on Friday night, or mosey on over to the Blind Tiger to see the equally high-energy House of Fools melt faces. Acclaimed folk singer Grayson Capps performs at the Garage with the provocativelynamed Do It To Julia on Friday.

The Green Bean hosts an art exhibit by Walter Fancourt before he takes his saxophone and performs with his band the Brand New Life, while over at the Clubhouse, their quasi-house band takes the stage.

The Garage hosts a trio of bands, including the Deluge, Big Daddy Love and Possum Jenkins on Saturday, while 3 Day Funk really delivers on one evening at the Clubhouse. Greene Street Club hosts what might feel like three days of music on Saturday with a pair of events starting at 4 p.m. First up is the Artist & Producer Showcase with nearly 40 exhibits and performances as the early show, while the baby of Jimmy Buffett and Bradley Nowell, otherwise known as Sunny Ledfurd, is the late show. Strength From Within hosts their CD release show at the SoundVent, while Greene Street has a long night of hard rock with To Speak of Wolves, Zero System, Lewis vs Clark, Deception Of A Ghost and Onward To Olympas to wrap up the week.

Until things get cooking again, there’s always your iPod.