extended play

by Ryan Snyder

Without Coco to occupy your evenings any longer (at least for the time being), you can only cross your fingers and hope to find someone else to play covers of “Free Bird” for you. You won’t hear it at a concert by the United States Marine Corps saxophone quartet, but they’ll stomp a mud hole in you don’t come to their show at the Stevens Center tonight. Well, not really. They skipped boot camp for a grueling turn at band camp and were handed an E-6 rank just for blowing on a horn.

There’s but a single gig Thursday and it includes Citified, North Elementary and the Good Graces at the Green Bean. Check out our own YES! Weekly art director Devender Sellars and his band Decoration Ghost with Part Bear and Terrance & the Tall Boys Friday at the Green Bean the following night. Also Friday, you might hear that Skynyrd cover by Sunny Ledfurd at Johnny & June’s Ultra Saloon. Chris Stanfield and the Naturals with Sons of 76 play Greene Street Club, while the Captain Midnight Band and Electric Soul Pandemic jam it up at the Blind Tiger. Wanna be startin’ something? Try the 102 JAMZ Birthday Bash at the Greensboro Coliseum.

Taking it to Saturday, you have Matt Dylan at Johnny & June’s, while all shows are canceled at the SoundVent this weekend for some odd reason. I’ll give you one guess what kind of music bands with names like Malebolgia, Cynonite, Volsung and SkinKage play. Pure by-God metal, what else? They’ll all be at the Somewhere Else Tavern Saturday night. Skipping to Tuesday, get your rocks off to the Pretty Things Burlesque Peep Show at the Garage.