extended play

by Ryan Snyder

Today at noon, check out the keen neo-traditional harmonies of Dana and Susan Robinson as they play Center City Park. They’re the bomb remoulade to Cowboy Mouth’s rochambeau, who will hit Greene Street Club with Sam

Robinson’s Five Gallon Groove later on.

Combining two of my favorite things, the Summertime Whiskey Band play the Blind Tiger on Thursday with the Passion of Apathy. Those things being funk and rock of course. Also, Club Triangle in High Point is making a comeback with Cartel and You, Me and Everyone We Know, or hit up Party on the Plank to see the 5 Man Jesus Band and Likewise Jazz.

The Blind Tiger hosts Captain Midnight with Electric Soul Pandemic on Friday night, while Kysmet goes hard and heavy at the Somewhere Else Tavern. For some great country, check out Kelley & the Cowboys, Straight 8s and guests Come On Go With Us at the Garage. There’s hip hop with Poe Mack at Lounge 101 in High Point, or experimental and prog with Irata and Coupe de Grace at the Green Bean. Over in Winston-Salem, locals Jews & Catholics host Lollipop Factory and the must-see Diamond Center at the Wherehouse.

The Ralph Roddenberry Band takes the Blind Tiger to the country Saturday night, while EMPIRES, Harvard and Lights Resolve rock for the kids at Legitimate Business. 44 Love debuts their new album with special guests Hearts & Daggers at the Garage, with more experimental by Casual Curious, Wowzer Bowzer and Rhinodust at the Green Bean. Break out the pimp suits, it’s time once again for Harlem Nights at Studio B.

On Sunday, the Piedmont Youth Orchestra and the Greensboro Big Band throw down at Blandwood Mansion. It’s business as usual this Tuesday (for now) with local bands with no cover featuring 100 Yorktown at the Blind Tiger, while Amy Speace and Sid

Selvidge end your party week at the Garage.