extended play

by Ryan Snyder

While you’re waiting for your Sunday trip to Durham to see Ringo Starr, spice up your Wednesday with some Latin and Brazilian grooves courtesy of the Astanza Project, as they play Tunes at Noon in Center City Park. On Thursday, bring your crumpets to see Mad Tea Party at Alive After Five and tell Ami Worthen we said hi. Party on the Plank wraps up in High Point with the Speakers and Braco, but if you’re a fan of singers influenced by Scott Stapp and Eddie Vedder, you’re going to want to see Flash Point at the Blind Tiger.

The Big Sam-approved Brand New Life funks up the Green Bean on Friday, while Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band miss Josh Phillips at the Blind Tiger. Hip-hop heads, get yourselves to Beasts of the Boro at Greene Street Club with the Iconoclast Crew, Kaze, Cream Team with DJ E. Sudd, Greensboro’s finest ILLPO, Young Stacks and Max Mason & FSM. At the Garage, Possum Jenkins, Naked Gods and Worthless Son-In-Laws play something twangy, while Pink Flag plays a rawk show at Seven Day Weekend with GRIDS, the Nondenoms and the Raving Knaves.

Legitimate Business gets even more legit with punk-folk ensemble Midtown Dickens with Filthybird and Decoration Ghost, while EMFjazz&blues continues with Four for One at Canterbury School featuring the great Matt Kendrick on bass. There’s no Betty White at Studio B’s Saturday Night Live Jazz, but there is Andrea Templeton. Too prudish for the car wash at Harpers? Check out the burlesque show at the Blind Tiger to the sounds of the Bo-Stevens. Local players Lee & Susan Terry jam at the Garage with Pete Stein and the Backrow Baptists, but just outside, Kelly & the Cowboys might rope you in at Summer on Trade. Unfortunately, that probably leaves little chance for the Essex and Sinners for Saints at Elliot’s Revue.

Don’t worry, you’ll live. Jerry Garcia’s old band, New Rider’s of the Purple Sage hit the Empire Room with original members David Nelson and Buddy Cage, also DJ of Sirius/XM’s Jam_ON, in tow.

Wikipedia: An extended play is a vinyl record, Compact Disc, or music download which contains more music than a single, but is too short to qualify as an LP. An intermediate format between EPs and full-length LPs is the Mini-LP, which was a common album format in the 1980s.