extended play

by Ryan Snyder

Do it for the shorties; go and see the Triad Youth Jazz ensemble play Tunes at Noon today in Center City Park. later on, Hephystus shoots its new video at Greene street Club with Vanisher, a light Divided and New Age of Radio in support.

For Thursday, the Blind Tiger’s website has sam Robinson’s 5 Gallon Groove performing with Artimus Pyle, the original drummer for lynyrd skynyrd. No seriously, that’s what it says. The Green Bean has a great one in store with Songs of Water, Timbre and the Soil & the Sun, while Greene Street Club gets down and dirty with Necromantix, the Tremors, the Howlers and the Mutilators. like guitars? Check out the B-string All-star Jam at the Garage, or step outside and enjoy street Feat with the Downtown Band as they play Alive After Five.

The Old One-Two release their debut album at the Blind Tiger with Israel Darling and Red snapper, while LifeNextYear, LoveandReverie and We Shout Goodnight bang heads at Studio B. For a real good time, go see Brother Jocephus & the Love Revolution Revival Orchestra at the Garage. In Asheboro, Jeremy Graham Band cops the JGB handle, and they’ll be at Club 64 all weekend.

Have you recertified your kids’ bulletproof vest lately? “Teen rockers” Jonas Sees in Color play the Four Seasons Town Centre at 1 p.m. on saturday, while Durham odd-pop outfit the Beloved Binge hit CFBGs with the Raving Knaves, Silver Bullet and Tucson groups Mr. Free and the Satellite Freakout. Nostalgic for ’90s radio pop? Cure it with Cravin Melon and Mark Kano at the Blind Tiger. If it goes back farther than that, the Breakfast Club at Greene Street Club has your solution. southern rockers Outshyne hit up Arizona Pete’s, while Americana bands Girls, Guns & Glory, 6 Day Bender and Reid Mansell are over at the Garage. Got the blues? so does Big Ron Hunter, and he plays Summer on Trade.

Wind down your weekend with Amelia’s Mechanics and their new lineup, as they’re presented by EMFfringe at Founders Lawn on the campus of Guilford College.

The weekly rotation end with shows by the great Chuck Prophet at the Garage, and Caleb Caudle & The Bayonets, Analog Moon and Austin Pfeiffer at the Werehouse.