extended play

by Ryan Snyder

As of today, there are only 20 more weeks until Justin Bieber-mania descends upon the ‘Boro. Goosebumps, y’all. Commemorate this milestone by checking out, and I do mean checking out, milftastic singer-songwriter Donna Hughes as she plays Tunes at Noon today in Center City Park.

The Ends are not the end for the Blind Tiger on Thursday; they’re in place for another month at least. Durham all-girl power trio Pink Flag hits the Green Bean with the Raving Knaves, but why don’t you have a seat right over there by the Touched Band featuring Cur Dogs. They’ll play the Garage with Kelley & Cowboys and JP Harris & the Tough Choices. Right outside, you’ve got Garage favorite Lee Terry & the Near Strangers with Box Wine playing Alive After 5 in Corpening Plaza.

One of the sweetest voices in Asheville comes from the Honeycutters, who’ll appear with Rebecca Pronsky and White Light Friday at the Garage, or take a ride into the Danger Zone featuring Harold Thomas at Downtown Jazz in Winston- Salem. Formerly known as Anonymous, the Big Somethings star at the Get Down Showcase at the Blind Tiger featuring the Mantras and Funkuponya. Jonas Sees In Color with the Goodnight Anthem, Last November, American Joy and Aside Oceans at Greene Street Club. This Friday night at Johnny and June’s Ultra Saloon, Terry Lee Goffee is Johnny Cash. Milltown, April Fools and Upright & Breathin’ throw down old time at the Flatiron, but if you’re just looking to be seen somewhere trendy, then maybe the the Ladies’ Auxillary at Churchhill’s is for you.

On Saturday, the Mantras rock what would have been the Blind Tiger’s last night. GNR are only playing one US date this year, so why not try on Appetite For Destruction with Blatant Disarray at Greene Street Club? There’s a sweet indierock showcase with Brett Harris, Bright Young Things and Jack the Radio at the Garage and Pacifico at The Wherehouse, or jam with Mike Bennett & the B-String All-Stars at Summer On Trade. Near Gravity plays someplace called D’McGeary’s in King and country singer Ross Copley is at Arizona Pete’s. As always, wrap up your weekend with Marcus & Keith over at Walker’s.