extended play

by Ryan Snyder

The last vestige of summer slips away today in Center City Park, as the NC A&T Gospel Choir performs the final Tunes at Noon of the year. Later tonight, consider renting Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Who needs Michael Myers anyway?

Wanna see some truly bloodcurdling stuff this Thursday night? Forget watching The Omen or Creepshow. The Summer Set combine pop-punk and AutoTune. Good thing they’re playing the early show early show at Greene Street Club, though religious artifacts are still recommended. For the faint of heart, there’s indie-pop with TV Yellow at the Green Bean and hard stuff by Soul Control at Legitimate Business.

On Friday, the Blind Tiger hosts a Halloween party with House of Fools and Stephanie’s Id, while Groove 8 with Still Life Static funk up the Garage. Woody Wood and Come Hell or High Water are proud to be Americana at the Green Bean, and Winston-Salem loses a good one, as Pacifico plays its last show in town at the Wherehouse. A Weezer cover band? :runs screaming: Never fear! 1994 only plays the Blue album. They’re at Legitimate Business with Two Piece Mrrrder, a Bikini Kill cover band who said to tell Carrie Underwood to “Suck My Left One.” Underwood will be at the Greensboro Coliseum with Billy Currington and Sons of Sylvia if you care.

Getting closer to the Witching Hour, CFBGs might not have the sweet BYOB policy any longer, but it’s still a good place for the Sinners. They’ll play the Halloween party on Saturday night. Three-Brained Robot and Sam Martin play the Green Brain costume party, and the Werehouse counters with their own, though the bands are yet to be determined. Costumes are mandatory.

The Tomb of the Blind Tiger hosts another costumed getdown with the Deluge and Big Daddy Love, or you can party with 1999 at Nightmare on Greene Street Club. Wrong holiday. The Little Garage of Horrors hosts their All Hallows Eve Bash with Gojira-X, Rev. D-Ray, and the Bo Stevens.

Halloween is here! The Monsters are the Mantras with masks and as always, they’re at the Blind Tiger, but they’re competing with the awesome Valient Thorr with Caltrop, Pilots and Drug Cult at Greene Street Club.