extended play

by Ryan Snyder

Christmas is here, and the Triad music scene is accordingly shut down like Louie Anderson at a Scoreland holiday party. Bookings are few and far between, and the Garage is closed altogether for over a week. But, if you don’t have to look too hard to see that a handful of spots are still chugging right along.

Music aside for a moment, here’s a shameless plug for the home team. The Green Bean is hosting Stories for Clara, a special reading on fatherhood with YES! Weekly editor Brian Clarey, GoTriad columnist Vishal Khanna and Wake Forest professor Eric Wilson. All proceeds will benefit the Greensboro Battered Women’s Shelter. After that, head over to Tate Street Coffee and catch the end of their weekly jazz jam.

On Thursday, young piano phenom Sam Fribush plays one of the last shows at the Blind Tiger. There’s no San Francisco sound and certainly no UK attached to these Charlatans, making them charlatans of the Charlatans, but jazz fans can soak them in with some pre-holiday eggnog at the Green Bean. For classic rock cover fiends, Vinyl Underground plays Friendly Tavern in Winston-Salem.

Anyone who is hanging out in bars on Christmas Eve must either lead a truly sad or truly awesome life. The Mantras’ Marcus Horth gravitates toward the latter, and he’ll play with buds Steve Clark, Eddie Walker and whomever else that might stop by with an instrument at the Blind Tiger for their Christmas Shindig.

On Christmas night, say goodbye to an old friends, at least as it pertains to their current situation. The Blind Tiger holds their Christmas party with Bus Stop at the helm. It’s their last show before moving to Spring Garden, so come out and make it a good one.

On Sunday, House of Fools hit Greene Street Club with Leslie, Pilots (Brandon from Far-less) and Caitlin Watkins, while there’s even more jazz to end the weekend at the Green Bean.