extended play

by Ryan Snyder

Like R. Kelly, I don’t normally do this but, check me out tonight at 6 p.m. on 90.9 WQFS program J. Neas’ “Indie Rock Mayhem.” Neas and I will be discussing two very awesome forthcoming albums and some recently released festival lineup in a very informed and pointed manner. Speaking of Guilford College, NYC street performers Tin Pan are gigging at the college’s art gallery tonight. Give the hometown bass player some love.

Is anyone bothering with Hinder at the Carolina Theatre? Didn’t think so. Might be a good place to hock some Ed Hardy knockoffs though. Solid rock band the Ends will play Mellow Mushroom, and let’s see… what else? Oh! There’s this new place called the Blind Tiger, and it’s opening Thursday with a show by Jeff Sipe, Greg Humphreys and Cyril Lance.

Ya Herd? Donna the Buffalo at the Blind Tiger on Friday with the awesomely bluesy Roy Jay Band. Ed E. Ruger smokes out Greene Street Club via his new one Ziplocked & Loaded with Ty Bru and Young Stacks, and Baltimore’s in the house with James Nasty spinning at Artistika. Jenfek and Whiskey HellChild play the coque roque at Platinum Nightlife, while Now You See Them, Uncle Mountain and Jacqui Haggerty do it real quiet-like at the Green Bean. At the Garage, Raleigh rocker Jason Kutchma of Red Collar co-bills with Greenland Is Melting.

To anyone who bought tickets to have dinner with Snooki Saturday night, I have some Ed Hardy shirts I’d like to sell you. Who’s nailin’ (Bristol) Palin? Word is that it might be Mark Ballas, who will perform at Club Therapy. The Animal Mothers, Wild Wild Geese and Natural Science is a rock show disguised as a nature exhibition at the Green Bean, no permission slips required. Skylines Always Fall, Hey Miss Wright and Yearling forage at the Somewhere Else Tavern. The T. Matthew Jackson Band is real laid back at The Underground Theatre. Red River gets down with trio Supernature at the Garage, while country rock favorite Caleb Caudle & the Bayonets joins Matrimony and Efren at the Werehouse.

On Sunday, it gets real heavy at Arizona Pete’s with Mark Rizzo of Soulfly, Reverend H Chronicles, et al., and a free show by 100 Yorktown at the Blind Tiger.