extended play

by Ryan Snyder

The results of a report commissioned by City Manager Rashad Young, compiled by an independent hospitality consultant, carped on downtown nightlife as too heavy on DJ music without enough quality live performances. Seems that Jim Peters of the Responsible Hospitality Institute wasn’t around for the packed, free shows by Budos Band, Twin Shadow and Orgone last week, or else he might have seen a different side of downtown. The DJ music he dissed? Maybe that was nationally-touring artists Ana Sia and the Hood Internet. He probably overlooked all of our more than 200 pickup locations throughout the greater downtown area when he suggested us media types recognize local musicians more often as panacea to these “problems.” That, gentle readers, is our modus operandi. Just ignore the Kid Rock review. Gotta lay down with the dogs once in a while.

You want local musician recognition? We got yer recognition right here, starting with a release party on Thursday by guitarissimo Matt Northrup with Andrew Weathers at CFBG. Also, local bluesman Logie Meachum joins Mac Arnold’s Plate Full o’ Blues and the Lee Boys at the Blind Tiger.

The scourge of downtown nightlife rears its head at Greene Street on Friday with DnB godfathers Dieselboy and Smash, with a cast of local beatmakers. There’s real, funky-sounding instruments at the Blind Tiger with Doby and the Big Something, and banjo folk with the Lisps at the Green Bean. At the Garage, the great Paleface plays a set with Honey Rider in support On Saturday, John Howie and Billie Feather’s new punk band the P90’s play the Garage with Small Talk Industries, Reid Mansell Overdrive and Skullbuckle. Squirrel Nut Zippers frontwoman Katharine Whalen comes to the Green Bean. Jason Castro headlines the Girls of Grace Conference at Cathedral of His Glory. Urban Sophisticates play the ACC Women’s basketball tournament, and Wally West and the Page High School Jazz Band play United Methodist Church. No tickets can be had at the door.

Swing Western-style on Tuesday with Izzy & the Kesstronics at the Garage. There’s a quadruple shot of folk at the Green Bean by Troubel, Wind and the Willow, Jared Payne and Austin Simmons, and at Greene Street, the Ready Set headline a pop-rock bonanza.