extended play

by Ryan Snyder

RIP Pin Ups; it had potential, but was taken well before its time. The dozen or so who actually went will miss it, but there will always be options. If you’re in the mood for something strummy and sing-songy, Rob Blackwell is your Tunes at Noon entertainment today. A little bit country, a little bit rock & roll, the Grand Ole Uproar join up with Stereotype at the Blind Tiger, and a slew of vaguely Christian metal bands descend upon Greene Street Club, led by Norma Jean.

On Thursday, blues-rockers a Thousand Horses are actually the only horse in town. They’ll be at the Blind Tiger, who follows it up on Friday with a coheadlining date by House of Fools and American Aquarium. Gypsycore may be my new favorite metal portmanteau, and you can see it in action via Five Fathoms Deep with Origins at CFBG. Katharine Whalen & the Fascinators sing sweetly at the Garage with Jeffrey Dean Foster, and religious rockers Third Day play the Special Events Center at the Greensboro Coliseum. Not the rockabilly singer, because he would be ancient, but the bluesy Billy Wallace from Virginia plays the Green Bean.

With a voice “somewhere between Barry White and Luciano Pavarotti,” how can you afford to miss former Village People cop Miles Jaye at the Bronze Exclusive Sofa Lounge? Earlier in the day, the Kickin’ Grass Band plays Pickin’ In the Park at Hagan-Stone. “Family Man” Craig Campbell plays Johnny & June’s with Walker Hayes. Pinche Gringo visits CFBG with Alligator Indian, Boy Party and Paint Fumes, while Seattle street musician Yva Las Vegass plays Legitimate Business with Austin’s the Molasses Gospel and Tooth & Wail. Songwriter Andy Friedman returns to the Garage with Caleb Stein and Rock River Gypsys, and the sludgy Uzzard plays Elliott’s Revue. Kashmir plays Zep at the Blind Tiger, while the Flatiron has a Matty Sheets twofer with Come Hell or High Water and the Blockheads.

On Sunday, progressive rockers Dirty Feat play Club Rain or Club Orion, or whatever it’s called now. Not that it matters. You can feel safer at Elliott’s Revue with Rough Roostars, Transylvania Transport Company and Royal Tinfoil.